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MER Episode 36: Bracket Buster

MER Episode 36: Bracket Buster

Everyone say hello to Evan Lewis and give him a warm welcome. Evan joins us this week as the new co-host for MER. If you haven’t heard the latest news by now, Brooks was recently hired by BioWare and is unable to continue being a part of the website. You can read all about that here.

Since this is Evan’s first episode, we decided to do something special. As you may recall from last year, we did a SWTOR Class Bracket because Zach loves March Madness. We decided to do the same thing again this year, only step up the bracket size to 16 from 8. The main reason for this is to include the new advanced classes which weren’t announced last year during this time.

We have had a great time breaking down our thoughts on who would match up the best in a fair or “unfair” fight. If you want to discuss this episode, please feel free to head over to our forums and do so.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Evan joining the show
– What to expect in the coming months
– SWTOR Bracket Challenge

10 replies on “MER Episode 36: Bracket Buster”

Great episode! 🙂 The sith juggernaut, I can never spell his name, was actually sent out to the Outer Rim to seek out Darth Maul (apparently he’s still alive), so you definitely should see him and Darth Maul meeting.

Gotta say, I pretty much disagree with almost all your choices for characters, as well as who would win which battles. But that could be my massive hatred for TCW cartoons and a lot of the post RTJ EU. Way too many inconsistancies and horrible retcons, and Darth Maul coming back from being sliced in 1/2? Seriously? *sigh*

I am sorry MER, I have to say, I was extremely disappointed with this episode, I didn’t know MER stop being a SWTOR podcast and become an EU podcast, did you even talk about SWTOR once? I have been listening to your podcast for a long time and I must say, this was not up to MER standards, I’m sorry Zach, I know you’ve had alot of trouble lately but I felt I should be honest. The dynamic between you, Zach, and Evan was weak at best, you have probably lost a longtime listener.

To stop listening because of 1 show is lame. I thought the episode was quite interesting actually. It made me actually want to check out the Clone Wars series.
Go cry in a corner Emo Kid

listening to the episode was like watching dragon ball z….Goku powers himself up for hours on end!

I have yet to listen tothe show as I wait until as long as possible in my work week. Between this and DH I can have about 3 hours a week of swtor gidiness. I have always thought the show would be even more awesome if you had 3 people; people who dont all have the same view on all the SWTOR things. I like to hear the same point from a lot of perspectives. Not downing the show at all. It has been one of the driving forces to my workplace happiness for awhile. Look forward to this show and cant wait to see what Evan has up his sleeves. BTW I am in Spencer, IN on the other side of Elletsville =P

Very nice episode. I won’t say I love TCW series but I’ve never seen why people hate it so much, some episodes are actually pretty good.
Also I actually learned somethings about Star Wars lore very nice job by Evan IMO.
I loved all your picks too btw:)

People hate TCW because they have constantly destroyed well-established lore through it. Oh, and Asoka makes no sense to even exist, how the hell do you explain her lack of even a mention in EP3? Not to mention that this whole bringing back Darth Maul crap…

Thanks, I enjoyed the podcast.

HUGE mma fan here 😀

So stoked for tomorrow night with GSP vs shields, gonna be an awesome fight.