Apr 30

MER Episode 37: The Summit

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MER Episode 37: The Summit

Recently Bioware invited several fansites to participate in day dedicated to playing SWTOR. If you have been hearing about #SWTOUR…..well….this was that event. During this time we were able to get several of the fansites together to record an episode of MER. Also because we lacked the audio equipment needed to record this podcast the audio levels are a little weird at times. We apologize in advance. We still think you will love it. Join in on the discussion in our forums.

Joining us in this episode is the following guests.
Kathy and Carla from Corellian Run Radio
Dover and Sado from Darth Hater
Vall and Lord Hammer from TOR Syndicate
Tom and Tim of Tor-Talk
Musco of Torocast
Stephen of FUREUR

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Bounty Hunter and Agent story and mechanics
-The Black Talon Flashpoint
– Companion Characters

10 Responses

  1. oppitsch says:

    Hey Zach, Hey Evan,

    please keep up the good work! Loved to hear your thoughts about the agent.

    Best regards from germany!

  2. Celstar says:

    What a great podcast, Well-done keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  3. Avtron says:

    great show guys. i really enjoyed hearing everyone’s takes. can’t wait for the pvp impressions from everybody. you guys really know how to interview and discuss the game information.

  4. Waylay says:

    Awesome interview, just want to know, what was the name of that Bit tune song during the breaks?

  5. Airia says:

    Great cast this week, can’t wait to hear the pvp impressions and your own play impressions!

  6. Corcoran says:

    Awsome podcast guys, thoroughly enjoyed it..
    dont feel so bad about the sound, it was ok…. it was worth it!!

  7. Diteron says:

    A little advance warning before spoilers please.

    Maybe a bumper with minor or major spoiler in it.

    Other than that, great show!

  8. Stephen says:

    Hi guys
    It was great meeting you all in Austin and participating in this great podcast (first podcast for me πŸ™‚ ) even if it was late (2:00 am)
    Sorry for the poor accent and blanks , but I was exhausted πŸ˜‰

  9. […] don’t remember much of the segment we recorded for MER except for the part where Carla called people out and told them to chase Musco down the next day […]

  10. Daniel says:

    Really enjoyed the show, cheers!

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