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MER 6-13-14: E3 Recap

13th June

Zach is joined by his friend Justin Lowe (creator of Darth Hater) and they recap E3, Star Citizen and sales.

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Discussion Topics
– E3 Recap
– Star Citizen
– Video Game Sales

Comic: MMO Truths

7th June

Games evolve but some things about MMOs never change.

SW Living Card Game Tutorial

21st December

Now that copies of Star Wars: The Card Game have hit store shelves, it’s time for you to get ready to play your first game and, after that, start putting together your own custom decks to vie for galactic supremacy! Of course there are a lot of bits and bobs with this one, as with any Fantasy Flight game, but not nearly as many as X-Wing.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you open the box is that it suggests you check out the How-To-Play videos they have for your viewing pleasure either at their own site (found here) or over on good ol’ YouTube. Either way, these high quality videos will help you understand the flow of play from round to round. Leo has stated that certain aspects are not as immediately familiar to veteran CCG players as … Read More »

X-Wing Miniatures Millennium Falcon Revealed

11th November

At last Saturday’s first World Championship for X-Wing the four finalists were given one of the best prizes ever, they became the first four people in the entire world to own their very own Millennium Falcon! I was a participant at the tournament (but sadly not a finalist) and I was able to convince one of the winners to let me snap a few shots of the upgrade and pilot cards that will be coming with the Falcon, which is due to be released in February.

Chewie and the Falcon’s generic pilot

Lando and Han

I missed the point values in each of these shots, but the Weapon Engineer costs 3 points and each of the Modifications costs 4 points. Modifications will be able to be used on any … Read More »

A High Res Look at X-Wing’s Wave 2 Ships

28th September

It has recently been discovered that there are large, higher resolution photos of all four ships in Wave 2 of X-Wing: Miniatures to be found on the Australian gaming website Milsims. Let’s take a closer look at these ships, shall we?

First up is the Millennium Falcon. My first thought when I look at this picture is “Holy Crap!” Just look at all the detail included in this figure. It’ll definitely be worth the $30 that the two medium size ships will cost. Looking at the base you’ll notice that the pilot for this ship is Han Solo (other available pilots will be Chewie, Lando, and Nien Nunb) who has a Pilot Skill of nine. That’s as good as Wedge! Han can also perform the Focus or Target Lock actions. As for the stats of the actual ship, it’s Primary Weapon … Read More »

X-Wing Miniatures Tutorial

17th September


With the release of Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing Miniatures Game, as they’ve done with many of their other titles, FFG has released a series of videos on how to get started playing the game. The videos can be viewed in multiple parts, each one focusing on a different aspect of the game, or all of them as one 12-minute video. The quality of the videos is, as with all things FFG, exceptionally high and they give you enough info to make you terribly excited! We’ve linked to the complete video on YouTube, but you can also find it, along with additional information at the official webpage for the game.

I highly encourage you to go out and, at least, get the core game. Once you and a friend (or two!) have played a few games, you’ll soon want to go out … Read More »

X-Wing: First Playthrough

16th September


A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to take an early look at the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. I sat down with Evan and Zach to put the core set and several of the expansion ships through their paces. Now that X-Wing is out in the wild, we’d like to give you our impressions from the first few games we played. Also, sorry for the poor quality on these pictures. The lighting in Evan’s dining room was not ideal.

The first thing you will notice when opening the box is just how beautiful the models look. FFG has managed to cram a whole lot of detail into these tiny ships. They previously stated that they were trying to make their ships as accurate as possible, even going so far as to visit Lucasfilm and examine … Read More »

New 1313 Trailer

14th August

There’s a finally some new footage for Star Wars: 1313. Take a look at this newest trailer, courtesy of IGN.

For the most part, this is just a minute and a half of footage that we’ve already seen, only re-cut. There are little bits of new footage interspersed throughout the video, most notably the wide shot of the actual level 1313 of Coruscant. I cannot wait to explore this place!

Still, this trailer really bothers me for the same reason that most Hollywood trailers annoy me these days. Too many jump-cuts, the “robot fart” sound effect that seems to be a prerequisite to all trailers these days, and the fade to black before a big action sequence. It’s like there’s only one guy in the world making every action/sci-fi movie trailer, and now he’s invaded the gaming world too.

The Chevin Are Coming!

13th August

We just received an email from Bioware that seems to be teasing the upcoming world event: The Grand Acquisitions Race. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Red 5, Standing By

9th July

Today Fantasy Flight Games posted a brand new preview of their upcoming Star Wars: X-Wing miniature space battle game. This sneak peek offers a very general look at what an average turn in a game might look like. Each turn consists of three phases: Planning, Activation, and Combat.

During the planning phase players will select from a number of maneuvers available to their fighters. Each maneuver has a speed (the distance your ship will travel), a bearing (what direction the ship will be facing when the maneuver is over), and a difficulty (more difficult maneuvers can cause stress to the ship preventing the pilot from taking an action during the Activation phase). Each ship has a dial which displays the maneuvers for each each ship and the varying speeds and difficulties; each ship has its own unique set of maneuvers. Each … Read More »

Under Construction

16th June

As you may have noticed, things have been a little quiet around here recently. We’ve had a lot going on, but, more than anything else, we’ve been looking to make some changes to Mos Eisley Radio. We are most certainly not leaving the podcasting space, nor are we abandoning the Old Republic community. Far from it!

Before we say anything else though, we have to give a multitude of thank you’s to all those who have continued to not only listen to our shows, but also contribute to our great community both on our forums and in SWTOR itself. Without you folks, there wouldn’t be much reason for us to talk for two hours every week.

I’m not going to go into too much detail just yet, but what I can tell you is that within the next … Read More »


30th May

What happens when Zach and Evan are both invited to join Galactic Public Radio‘s Brian and Andy for Talk of the Galaxy? Pure awesome. The panel tackles all the big news, both good and bad, including server pop, mergers, transfers, and the best way for BioWare to handle the current and future SWTOR population. They also throw out their thoughts for what Game Update 1.3 could realistically do to keep players and bring back those who have fallen to the dark side.

Hop on over to their site to directly download this great episode or search for them on iTunes. Be sure to drop them a line and stay tuned to MER to hear Brian and Andy invade our radio space in the near future!

Star Wars Essential Reading List

3rd May

Because it was requested of us at Ossus Academy many times, we’ve put together a timeline of Star Wars novels and comics for all of you. Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list of every book or comic ever published. Instead, it’s our list of things that we feel are essential for fans to read. The following pieces of literature listed are either very important lore-wise, or we felt that they were really awesome and people should definitely read them.

Note: Dates are listed as either BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) or ABY (After).

36,453 – 25,793 BBY
Dawn of the Jedi

5,000 – 4,975 BBY
Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith

Tales of the Jedi: Fall of the Sith Empire

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Savior

4,000 – … Read More »

Introducing Wits End Radio: A League of Legends Podcast

27th April

Hey guys. Over the past few years I have got to know a lot of you in our MER community and I discovered there is a large number of us that enjoy League of Legends. I wanted to let everyone in on a little project I am starting dedicated to LoL, called Wits End Radio. This is a podcast that is similar to Mos Eisley Radio but discuss the latest news, startigies and more about our favorite MOBA game. If you guys are interested check it out.

Right now we are giving away Sivir with her Pax skin. For more information head over to our website . You can follow us on twitter as well for more information. (which you will need to know for the contest ) We hope you enjoy it.

Companion Madness

29th March

Welcome to the third annual March Madness tournament for Star Wars: The Old Republic! If you’re new to MER, you should feel free to go back and listen to the last two years’ editions of this special event, wherein the hosts matched up classic Star Wars characters to each of SWTOR’s Classes and debated the age-old question: in a straight-up fight, who’s gonna win?

The first year, we didn’t know any of the advanced classes so we only had eight spots to fill. Year two we knew all the AC’s and had to plumb the depths of the Expanded Universe to fill out the brackets. This year, now that the game is actually out and we’ve been playing for several months, we are switching things up and drafting the brackets with each classes’ first two companions! Why the first … Read More »

TK-726 Journal Entry 21-12-20

21st February

The following journal entries are those of Stormtrooper TK-726, a struggling, low-level attorney stationed on the first Death Star. They largely depict his trials and tribulations as a last-resort Imperial attorney. Found floating in space by a band of smugglers, Mos Eisley Radio acquired the journals and has set to work on translating and documenting the content. Though his fate is still shrouded in mystery, at this point, one thing is strikingly unclear: Who knows why TK-726 even bothered to record his these things?

TK-726 IN
Journal Entry 11-82-21

A pretty angry trooper came stomping into my office earlier today. He was all irate about something, but I was finishing a brief so I told him to just have a seat. When he went to sit down, instead of turning around, he backed up while facing me and then shuffled laterally. It … Read More »

Digital Disappointment

5th January

The wait is over. The Old Republic is finally out and we can all enjoy playing the game that we’ve been waiting so long for. But for some of us, the wait has beem for more than just the game. For those of us who ordered the Collector’s Edition, we’ve been waiting for a long time to get our hands on our extra goodies that come as part of the package. When I was finally able to open up my box, I was extremely satisfied with all the physical items I got. The Gnost-Dural journal, in particular, was more impressive than I was expecting. The digital items, on the other hand, were quite disappointing.

First we’ll start with the item that everyone got for pre-ordering any edition of the game; the color stone. There have been many complaints about the color … Read More »

TK-726 Journal Entry 11-40-21

4th January

The following journal entries are those of Stormtrooper TK-726, a struggling, low-level attorney stationed on the first Death Star. They largely depict his trials and tribulations as a last-resort Imperial attorney. Found floating in space by a band of smugglers, Mos Eisley Radio acquired the journals and has set to work on translating and documenting the content. Though his fate is still shrouded in mystery, at this point, one thing is strikingly unclear: Who knows why TK-726 even bothered to record his these things?

TK-726 IN
Journal Entry 11-40-21

Product liability cases are never what they seem at first glance. Remember that famous case where the elder female officer ordered the cup of caf and burned herself, then sued and won? Remember how unfair everyone thought that was? What if I told you that the officer who burned herself … Read More »

TOR Lore 102: The Mandalorians

29th December

Who and what were the Mandalorians? Everyone knows about Boba Fett and Jango Fett, but what about the culture that spawned these two iconic warriors? Very little information is given in the films about who they were or their motivations. Once again, Leo and Evan join forces to discuss this topic and share their knowledge with the rest of you.

Mando Culture

Evan: If there was only one thing that I wish I could rip out of George Lucas or Ralph McQuarie’s notebooks from 1980, it’s the original concept notes and sketches of the Imperial Super-Commando that eventually became Boba Fett. I think these Super Commandos were meant to be the ones storming Echo Base instead of Snowtroopers, but I could be wrong. Regardless of where he came from, the unnamed bounty hunter from Empire Strikes Back with three whole … Read More »

TK-726 JOURNAL ENTRY 11-30-21

28th December

The following journal entries are those of Stormtrooper TK-726, a struggling, low-level attorney stationed on the first Death Star. They largely depict his trials and tribulations as a last-resort Imperial attorney. Found floating in space by a band of smugglers, Mos Eisley Radio acquired the journals and has set to work on translating and documenting the content. Though his fate is still shrouded in mystery, at this point, one thing is strikingly unclear: Who knows why TK-726 even bothered to record his these things?

TK-726 IN

The Death Star is not small. Sure, it looks a little like a moon from a distance, but when you live inside this place, it can get ridiculous.

I ran out of exhibit tags … Read More »

TK-726 JOURNAL ENTRY 11.92.11

21st December

The following journal entries are those of Stormtrooper TK-726, a struggling, low-level attorney stationed on the first Death Star. They largely depict his trials and tribulations as a last-resort Imperial attorney. Found floating in space by a band of smugglers, Mos Eisley Radio acquired the journals and has set to work on translating and documenting the content. Though his fate is still shrouded in mystery, at this point, one thing is strikingly unclear: Who knows why TK-726 even bothered to record his these things?

TK-726 IN.

To see a Moff stroll into my office was a shock. Even more shocking was what he carried with him.

I should enlighten you as to why it would be a shock to see a real live Moff walk into my office. Not three floors above me … Read More »

Razer Give-Away Contest

12th December

Mos Eisley Radio Razer Give-Away

To help get ready for the imminent launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Razer and BioWare are giving four lucky people some brand new Razer PC peripherals. While these are not the ultra-cool SWTOR-branded products, Razer always delivers high-quality mice and keyboards to take your game to the next level. MER has four exciting gifts to send out to those listeners who follow us around the ‘net this week and here’s how to find them:

Razer Goliathus Extended Mousepad: Follow @moseisleyradio on Twitter and tweet out the official contest announcement from the website, including url and hash-tag “#merRazer.” The winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries.

What To Tweet
Hey, @moseisleyradio is giving out a bunch of razer gear to kick off #swtor. For info on how to win visit: #merRazer

Razer Mouse … Read More »

Welcome To The MER Media Network!

12th December

Welcome To Mos Eisley Radio: A SWTOR Media Network and Fan Community!

For over two years, Mos Eisley Radio has been bringing its own brand of high quality discussion to the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. An overwhelming sense of gratitude goes out to the community members that have made MER one of the top podcasts on iTunes, as well as having given fans of BioWare’s game a safe place to call home and meet so many new friends with whom to enjoy the adventure.

Out of this community, came many more independent web projects which are of a high caliber in their own right. One of these projects was Alan Shot First, formerly known as 90 Seconds With Alan, brought to you by the dedicated, and already hard-working, forum moderating Alan Nauman. Alan’s vid-casts have themselves become … Read More »

TK-726 JOURNAL ENTRY 11.82.11

10th December

The following journal entries are those of Stormtrooper TK-726, a struggling, low-level attorney stationed on the first Death Star. They largely depict his trials and tribulations as a last-resort Imperial attorney. Found floating in space by a band of smugglers, Mos Eisley Radio acquired the journals and has set to work on translating and documenting the content. Though his fate is still shrouded in mystery, at this point, one thing is strikingly unclear: Who knows why TK-726 even bothered to record his these things?


Up until yesterday, it had been a pretty boring week. The kind of week where you wonder if starting your own practice had been a good idea at all. It’s times like this when ridiculous stuff starts happening, as though the laws of averages just can’t bear to see you bored. Enter my latest … Read More »

MER Episode 59.5: Digital Revan Giveaway

4th December

Since we are about to have our discussion / review or the recent SWTOR Novel “Revan” we are having a little contest. We want to give away a digital copy of Revan through iTunes. Listen to this very short podcast to figure out how to enter. After that head on over to the forums to sign up. Contest submission deadline is 9pmEST December 5th.

One quick note, sorry for telling you about this contest on such short notice. We like to think that it will give our loyal dedicated listeners a slight edge.

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Still Waiting for X-Wing 2

30th November

When I think back throughout my long history of Star Wars gaming, no experience was more amazing than the first time I sat down and played X-Wing. This game was followed up by TIE Fighter, a game which I played even more than X-Wing, and to a lesser extent I also enjoyed X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. Then there was X-Wing: Alliance, but the less said about that game the better. The point is, ever since TIE Fighter, I’ve been waiting for another Star Wars flight sim game to come along and blow me away. The inclusion of space combat is always the number one thing on my wishlist every time a new Star Wars video game is announced. So I was obviously excited when space missions were announced for The Old Republic. It was the number one thing I wanted … Read More »

TOR Lore 101: The Hutts

21st October

The Hutts have often played a major role in Star Wars lore, and seem to poised to do the same in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yet, for many of our listeners, Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi is their only exposure to this race.To remedy this, Mos Eisley Radio’s two local lore hounds, Evan and Leo, discuss the Hutts, their homeworld, and what to expect once we are all in the game.

“I know that laugh…”

Evan: If we’re gonna talk Hutts, we have to start with Jabba and where he came from creatively. Originally, the character was said to have been greatly inspired by the characters played by film actor Sydney Greenstreet, particularly in movies like The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca. Although this might have been the case with regards to the deleted, and later re-done, … Read More »

The Lost Suns Issue 4 Review

29th September

Lost Suns #4: The Penultimate Review

Well, we’ve almost made it to the end. Here is the penultimate issue of The Lost Suns (I’ve always wanted an excuse to use the word “penultimate”) and this issue is packed with two big reveals, one of which could have a large impact on the game we will be playing: what happened to Zho in Sith space, and most importantly for the game, what was the large installation that Darth Mekhis was constructing?

This issue is once again full of flashbacks; this time telling us what Zho was up during those years he had disappeared into Sith occupied territory. As usual, Zho is the only character with any real development as we see him turn from a man fighting against the Sith every way he knew how to someone who is so traumatized by … Read More »

The Lost Suns Issue 3 Review

26th August

Lost Suns #3:    Space Truckin’

In this issue Theron, Zho, and Teff’ith set off across the galaxy in pursuit of whatever secrets Darth Mekhis may be hiding. Along the way Theron shows off his awesome kung-fu moves, gets totally bummed about his lack of Force powers, and enjoys the local wildlife while out camping. Zho gets to act like a crazy person and shouts a lot. And Teff’ith is, well, she talks like her mouth forgets to speak every third word that her brain is thinking of.

Anyone who has read my other reviews knows that I’ve been waiting for the past two issues for Teff’ith to become something more than a pointless add-on character. Well, you know what they say about being careful what you wish for. This time she’s … Read More »

Community Cantina

24th August

Pax Prime is nearly around the corner so we wanted to tell you all about a little event the crew over at Darth Hater is throwing called Community Cantina. Those of you who remember this event from Pax East will agree with me when I say this is going to be more fun than Jabba’s Sail Barge. Well I imagine hanging out on the sail barge would be fun as long as you aren’t killed. Anyways MER will be attending this and would like to invite any of our listeners going PAX Prime (or just in the area) to join us. We would love to meet you. If you are interested additional information needed is posted below.

WHAT: SWTOR Community Cantina @ PAX PRIM
WHEN: 7pm PT on Friday, August 26
WHERE: The … Read More »

Lost Suns 2: Review

28th July

Let me start off by talking about this amazing cover. Benjamin Carré’s cover art for issue one was quite spectacular, but he really outdid himself with this issue. It is simply the most awesome rendition of Darth Marr, or any other Sith Lord for that matter, that I have ever seen. But beauty aside, it does do that one thing that annoys me more than anything on a comic cover: featuring a character that has basically no relation to the story. Darth Marr shows up in total of one panel (maybe two, assuming that’s his hand in the next panel) during a flashback and doesn’t even speak. But really, that’s my only major gripe about this issue.

Most of the problems from the first issue have been fixed. The writing seems to flow better from panel … Read More »

Keeping The RP In MMORPG

18th July

Imagine, if you will, you’re playing a medieval online role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons Online or Warhammer with all of your friends. This game, though, has no sound. No, not even voice chat. The only sound you’re hearing is whatever ambient noise is in the room with you. Maybe you’re playing some music that helps set the tone for the game you’re playing, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack. Furthermore, this game has no graphics. In fact, the only thing on the screen is the text conversation between you and your teammates. It’s like one big dialogue window, ‘cause… that’s what it is. In any case, you’d be doing the same quests, have the same abilities, and achieve the same goals as you would in … Read More »

Pax Pass Giveaway

29th June

New Contest: Pax Pass Giveaway

We haven’t even announced the winner of our previous contest and we already have another one for you! We think you’ll agree, this is our biggest yet!

What’s this big prize? How about two passes for PAX Prime in Seattle August 26-28th, 2011? That big enough for you?

Based on our last contest you might expect that we want our constituents to engage in some sort of competition. A prize this big might even call for a duel to the death! It was mentioned, but we decided it might lead to a decline in listenership. Even though this is a huge prize, contesting to win it is very simple. All you need to do is go onto iTunes, write a review for our podcast, good or bad, … Read More »

To Swap Or Not To Swap

29th June

Should we be allowed to change our character’s Advanced Class or not? This has been a hot topic on the official forums and our own forums as well. As it stands now, the developers still seem to be on the fence about whether to allow this or not (possibly leaning more towards “yes”). In an attempt to settle the debate, let’s examine some of the pros and cons of Advanced Class swapping.

First, to really make an informed decision on this issue we all need to understand what exactly an Advanced Class is and what it is not. Because the Advanced Classes branch off from your base class, too many people seem to view this as analogous to the different talent trees for a class in other MMO games such as World of Warcraft. However, this is not the case; each … Read More »

Your Droids? Still Waiting Outside

22nd June

Your Droids? Still Waiting Outside

When it was mentioned by the TOR devs a couple years ago that droids would not be a playable race in Star Wars: The Old Republic, there was a fair amount of nerd rage rampaging across the interwebs. The team went on to explain how they want you, the player, to be able to connect emotionally with your character and a droid is about as inhuman as you can get. They said this also applied to those alien species which are simply not human enough to relate to, although, graphical limitations would be equally justifiable in that case. If one were to look back at BioWare’s previous RPG’s, you’ll notice that the character creation is not exactly what you’d call robust. Although I have not yet played … Read More »

Star Wars: The Lost Suns Review

17th June

Review – The Old Republic: The Lost Suns #1

Bioware and Dark Horse have already given us two short runs of comics that act as prequels to The Old Republic. However their newest venture, The Lost Suns, is the first comic that takes place within the same time frame as the game is going to. This is Bioware’s chance to really give us a taste of the universe that we’ll be part of very soon. Did they succeed? Well, mostly.

In this comic we are introduced to Theron Shan, the secret son of Satele Shan and spy for the Republic. Theron is sent to Sith space to track down Ngani Zho, the drunkest Jedi Master ever, who disappeared some time ago. For whatever reason, Theron decides to take Teff’ith, his Twi’lek prisoner from a previous mission, with him rather than leave her … Read More »

MER Deceived Contest

5th June

Alright, we promised on the last couple episodes that we would have some sort of contest by which one of our lucky community members could win a copy of SWTOR: Deceived, autographed by Daniel Erickson and most of the TOR writing team down at BioWare Austin. Well, I can tell you, it’s gonna take more than luck (insert Obi-Wan quote here). Here are all the gory details:

Each participating member of the community may submit a short story about their prospective first character in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Each person’s story could be anything related to their character in-game, but the easiest to write would be an origin story. The story must be no greater than five-hundred (500) words and will be judged by Zach, Evan, & Alan.

The big question, of course, is how do we pick … Read More »

Grab Your Towel, Don’t Panic

27th May

For most people, May the fourth was recognized as “Star Wars Day.” I was curious as to the date of, or even if there was, an international Star Wars day. According to reliable sources (yes, Wikipedia. Shut up.), it’s officially May 25th, per the city of Los Angeles. May 25th was the date of the release of the original Star Wars movie, long before it was ever subtitled “A New Hope.” If you look up May 25th on Wookieepedia, you’ll find a vast number of other Star Wars related milestones on this date. One other celebration of May 25th happens to be “Towel Day.” For those not in tune with British science fiction, the towel is the most important item you can ever have with you, according to the best-selling Hitchhiker’s Guide … Read More »

The Summit 2011: SWTOR Warzones and PvP

5th May

BioWare Austin FanSite Summit: Warzones and PvP Recap
By Evan Lewis

As I have stated many times over, I am NOT a PvP kinda guy. At least, I wasn’t. I tried playing PvP servers and running Battlegrounds on World of WarCraft, but I simply could not get into it. The organized PvP portions felt forced and wholly unnecessary for someone like me who plays the game primarily for the story and developing my character. The world PvP in WoW was downright annoying to me. Even walking around areas that should have been relatively safe was dangerous on those servers. What really killed it for me was when I was waiting for the ship to port at Menethil Harbor and a level ?? Tauren disguised as a human pirate leaped off an Alliance … Read More »

Hope Cinematic Trailer

14th June

The new trailer has been added over at

The video was created by BLUR, the same production company that worked on the “Deceived” trailer.

EA’s E3 2010 Press Conference: Hope, Player Ships, and Warzones

14th June

EA just wrapped up their press conference at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The presentation included a number of games including relaunches of the Need For Speed and Medal of Honor franchises. Of course, we watched with bated breath for Bioware’s presentation. What did we get? The team showed off the new “Hope” trailer that was teased last week. The video is set on Alderaan and pits a Havok squad of troopers against an unmasked Darth Malgus. It was far and away one of the most exciting pieces of video game cinema seen since, well, the Deceived trailer! We’ll be sure to post a link to the video as soon as it goes live on the web. The second reveal of the presentation was a bit more gameplay oriented…

Player ships! LucasArts’ Mary Bihr and Greg Zestra from Bioware showed … Read More »

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010

14th June

E3 is upon us! Starting today the developers will begin their deluge of new reveals about the direction Star Wars The Old Republic will be taking over the coming months. Between press conferences, interviews, and hands-on, there is going to be plenty of information for us to sift through. Like we mentioned in episode 19, we plan on doing a wrap-up episode at the end of this week, so you will definitely want to be on the lookout for that!

In the meantime, there are two great places to keep up with all of the newly released info about SWTOR. The first of these is the official site, where the community team will be updating the page regularly with links to various reviews and interviews from the games press. The second is over at Darth Hater, where they have a large … Read More »

Friday Update for April 2nd, 2010

2nd April

With the transition away from news about the story pillar of The Old Republic starting to ramp up, this week’s update brings us a Developer Blog from Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert. The blog outlines Bioware’s approach to creating the overall feel of an MMO, either from the “world” philosophy or the “game” philosophy. Both approaches differ greatly, wherein the world approach focuses on an open sandbox and players’ imaginations, and the game approach tightly holds players hands through a fine-tuned experience.

Schubert went on to explain that the Austin development team approaches MMO development with a third philosophy: community. The community-oriented approach allows them to bridge the gap between world and game, providing opportunities for players to both interact and explore the world around them, and also to be engaged in stories surrounding their characters and the galaxy as … Read More »

Friday Update for March 26th, 2010

26th March

We’re here at PAX East! With a huge set of sessions and a sprawling expo floor to check out, we certainly have an exciting weekend ahead of us. Even if The Old Republic doesn’t have an official presence at the conference, expect to see a slew up updates about the things we see and hear.

In the mean time, this week Sean brings us a slightly different take on the Friday Update. No new planets or webcomics, but instead a deeper look into some of the characters we’ve seen thus far. Interested in Grand Moff Kilran’s rise to power or about the descendant of Bastila Shan? The new Biographies section of the Holonet looks like its shaping up to be the definitive source for info about some of the galaxy’s biggest names. Broken down into three sections (by faction), the list … Read More »

Mice of the Old Republic: If Disney Purchased EA

8th March

The bulk of our Stories From The Outer Rim talk from Episode 14 was about the possibility of EA being purchased by a larger group in 2010, with Star Wars The Old Republic acting as a top selling point. While we touched on a lot of details around this topic, we felt it best to put together a definitive post from the fan’s perspective.

Are We Crazy?
The cornerstone of the discussion behind EA’s purchase stemmed from the Christmas wrap-up and prediction episode of the 4 Guys 1 Up Podcast. John Davison’s first prediction was that one of the major four game publishers would be purchased by a larger media conglomerate sometime within the next year. His best guess? EA, primarily due to a number of its properties that dovetail with a large media company, especially a group like Disney. What we … Read More »

PAX East Weekend Badges Now Sold Out

4th February

The PAX crew called it! Less than two weeks after alerting the community that the conference would sell out, the team has announced that they will no longer be selling the three-day weekend badge. Those who are interested in attending single days (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), can still buy passes individually at $30 a piece. More information about the conference and badge registration can be found on the PAX East official site.

As mentioned in the pre-poll this week, we’re going! For those of you who have your passes, it would be great to meet up with you at the conference. Hopefully we’ll be able to figure out a specific time and place to get together. Be sure to check back on all the details.

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