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Companion Madness

Welcome to the third annual March Madness tournament for Star Wars: The Old Republic! If you’re new to MER, you should feel free to go back and listen to the last two years’ editions of this special event, wherein the hosts matched up classic Star Wars characters to each of SWTOR’s Classes and debated the age-old question: in a straight-up fight, who’s gonna win?

The first year, we didn’t know any of the advanced classes so we only had eight spots to fill. Year two we knew all the AC’s and had to plumb the depths of the Expanded Universe to fill out the brackets. This year, now that the game is actually out and we’ve been playing for several months, we are switching things up and drafting the brackets with each classes’ first two companions! Why the first two only? It’s the least biased and most spoiler-free way to do this and still have fun. Also, we won’t be the ones picking the winners. We will be leaving that up to you! This won’t be a one night brawl either. Each day, we will post a new match-up which you can cast your vote for in our forums. The person with the highest amount of votes at the end of the day will win and move on to the next round. We will continue to do this throughout the entire bracket until we reach the end. –

So, get your office brackets set, start your betting pools, and since the fate of your favorite companion depends on votes, get your friends in on it and rally others to your cause!

Championship Round: Elara vs Vette

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25 replies on “Companion Madness”

MAKO!!! But, that’s the wrong pic of Mako.. well, not the default Mako skin anyway.

Ugh I can’t believe people are voting for mako to win. She’s got to be the most annoying and useless companion ever. She’s always complaining and sucks at healing.

Elara? How can you NOT vote for the flying trashcan!? He’s a jedi’s best friend!

Seriously, did M1-4X not even make the tournament? He’s my fave companion in the game! That voice! That desire to clear the galaxy of all Imperials!

@Tubbygun Only the first two companions for each class were placed into the tournament to simplify things.

I seriously dislike Kaliyo. I would vote for a greyed-out question mark, or an error 404 message before her.

I have to re-wind this. For whatever reason it was not updating for me and I never got to vote between Bowdaar and Qyzen… but I will say that a Trandoshan that hunts Wookies for sport would SURELY annihilate Bowdaar. Maybe that’s just me being biased though – Qyzen is truly awesome…and on my Gunslinger, I can’t wait to get Bowdaar, but I’m nowhere near there yet. I still put my vote on Qyzen.

That being said, on the next match… Bowdaar against another girl…and it’s tied… really? I thought we had this discussion last time against Kira… Oh well, there’s seems to be no place in this vote for logic, or actual battle prowess to dictate the winner. I had to vote for Bowdaar, and then I saw the results…it’s tied 22-22 … How sad, I would have figured a landslide victory for the walking carpet.

I’m hoping I didn’t miss Khem Val vs Mako, and if I did I REALLY hope people don’t think Mako would beat Khem… Khem is a beast…a massive blood thirsty beast. Mako is a whiny baby, a terrible dps and just as bad at healing. I don’t know how many times on my BH I have to stop killing something to heal myself because Mako is standing there complaining and not healing.


Elara is the republic champion? … how sad. It makes me want to go to Imperial… unless Mako is their champion, then it’s like 2 rejects fighting it out as to who the bigger reject is…if Mako vs Elara becomes the final matchup – I quit. Or at least I will not post my opinion or take a vote on any future “Companion Madness”…key focus on “Madness” or insanity. “This is not Sparta, this is MADNESS!” wait I think I got that backwards, but it seems to be the glove that fits this vote.

To quote Sunny Ravencourt – “I would vote for a greyed-out question mark, or an error 404 message before her” …. her being Elara or Mako, take your pick.

That’s sad. Your opinion on companions in SW:TOR must be very biased on the “They suck” side. Maybe one day you’ll get a companion worth having. 🙂

Whoa! Elara is beating Vette?! Elara is my companion-with-benefits, but still… Vette fans better get it together.

Winning based on votes? But, but, you can dual them. No need to ask what if, dual, best of 3 and bam, you have your winner. Not sayin, just sayin 😉