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MER Episode 93: Lookin’ For Luke

Following their adventure at C2E2, Leo and Evan return to share all the Star Wars gaming news of the past several weeks, and there was a LOT! EA gets Star Wars, the Hutt Cartel settles in, the Force Packs keep coming… Oh, yeah, and there are new X-Wing minis, too!

You know, the only way the forums will be busy is if YOU show up! And bring your friends!

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Discussion Topics
– Electronic Arts gets sole rights to publish Star Wars
– SWTOR continues to expand with Cathar
– In-depth look at the Search For Skywalker Force Pack
– Next Episode Tease: X-Wing Wave 3!

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz

2 replies on “MER Episode 93: Lookin’ For Luke”

Good cast as always.

Just wanted to say in defense of SWTOR:

EA announced that since going F2P, they have doubled their revenue and the number of players is up around 3 million, with 500k subscribers.

SWTOR is hardly a fail game.

I agree that it’s gotten a lot more content that people want and it definitely has a faithful player base. I can’t speak for Leo 100%, but I think it was more of a personal let-down for him. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it that games like that require. I enjoy it immensely when I have those times when I can get really into it.

Of course, the favorite thing to speculate about is how they were shooting for World of Warcraft numbers and that just didn’t happen. From that perspective, money-oriented people would say it failed. Fans, though, continue to love it and that makes me happy even if I don’t get to play it and enjoy it the way they do.

But that’s just me 🙂