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MER Episode 92: Return of the Jedi

And what can this be?! Is this… possible?! Why, yes, it IS a new episode of MER! The guys make some excuses for their long absence, then continue to prattle on about SWTOR news, take a look at the first LCG Force Pack, and share some X-Wing Miniatures stories, including one who is a regional qualifier for the world championship!

Our forums may seem empty at the moment, but that’s only because you’re not there to liven things up! Come swing by and start a conversation!

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Discussion Topics
– SWTOR Patch 2.0 Rise of the Hutt Cartel!
– The Living Card Game’s First Force Pack!
– Edge of the Empire… Delayed?!
– Good-bye, LucasArts, Your Time Has Come…
– X-Wing Minis Regionals: Conquered! Next: The World!

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3 replies on “MER Episode 92: Return of the Jedi”

Yay, MER has returned! I’ve missed your show. Welcome back!

You asked for some comments about the SWTOR expansion. Overall, I’m very impressed with the job BW did. I’ve only completed the Republic version of the Makeb storyline so far, but it was quite enjoyable. It is not an individualized class story (a world arc instead), but BW worked hard to make it tailored enough so that it feels close to a class story. The macrobinocular and seeker droid quests are pretty fun, though I got frustrated with the part of the seeker droid quest where you have to do a lot of jumping and abandoned that for now.

I’m still getting use to the new powers and the changes to the skill trees, but my characters feel more powerful and I think class balance is better. I dislike having to pay more credits to travel to the higher level planets like Makeb. This credit sink irritates me. The commendation system has been redesigned, and initially there were silly caps on how many comms you could earn a week or store in general. Thankfully, BW reconsidered that in a patch.

Before the expansion I had a mix on my two main characters of campaign and hazmat/dread guard gear. I had gotten my character stats to pretty much the ideal mix such as in crit chance. BW has done a gear reset with your 51-55 leveling and the new gear you can get with comms. I have more health now and more willpower or cunning, but my stats are no longer optimized on things like crit chance. It feels like I took a step forward with more health and new powers, but then I took two steps back with my stats no longer being optimized. I guess the BW idea is that with your comms and doing the level 55 flashpoints and operations that you work towards getting your gear optimized again. This is fine and understandable and happens in other MMOs, but it is a little disheartening to feel like you are starting over.

Don’t get me wrong, overall the expansion is a resounding success. I encourage people that have been away to come back and give it a go. I’m enjoying myself very much. I think if you liked the class stories a lot that you will very much enjoy Makeb and the macrobinocular and seeker droid quests. I remember that BW talked at one point about possibly making the expansion free to subscribers, but I don’t resent the $10 I paid as a subscriber for all of this content. I think it is a bargain.

Why the hell u guys even bother?? if u are not playing the game anymore dont create a podcast about it!! What a waste of time.

How many episodes have you listened to? This show was around long before the game ever came out.

If you noticed it’s NOT a SWTOR-only podcast anymore. We changed it after a ton of people quit playing the game, but because we felt we owed it to people who had been listening we still cover SWTOR news. I still want to love it, even if others don’t.

What we definitely love are the games from Fantasy Flight. If you’re a real Star Wars fan you owe it to yourself to check those out and enjoy some non-video games.