AlanShotFirst :: ep39 :: heart to heart

Let’s have a heart to heart. No, seriously, what are you getting out of our relationship? I know…it’s not you, it’s me right?! LOL!!

Let’s ALL join in a discussion about what topics we would like to see discussed!

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One reply on “AlanShotFirst :: ep39 :: heart to heart”

I know there are a lot of teens (kids) playing this game, but I myself am a lifelong gamer at the ripe old age of 30 (realize it isn’t that old, but twice the age of many playing this game). I am married and still find time to play games an hour or two each day – more on weekends.

I would like to discuss more about age variances in game, what adults get out of the experience versus a child, what a lore pro gets out of it versus a newbie, what a seasoned MMO player gets out of it versus a newbie to mmo’s, that kind of thing.

My only gripe about the game is all of the “this is so gay” talk in general…which is unavoidable without blocking a bunch of people. But then I may be missing responses to my questions when said blocked person actually has something useful to say…

That is all.

Keep up the good work kind sir –

Phil (Darth Malak Server – “Cylon” cyborg bounty hunter)