The Show
Mos Eisley Radio is a website dedicated to the hobbies a lot of us enjoy. You will find various forms of Video and Tabletop games, sports and TV/Movie media covered on the website through podcasts, videos and written content. On the podcast, host Zach Brown talks video games, sports and anything else he finds fascinating with media personalities, actors, developers and friends. The site has been around since July 2009 and has changed forms a few times but has always been dedicated to creating entertaining content for enthusiasts and fans of these hobbies to enjoy.

When this podcast was originally created it was in anticipation of the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Even more importantly the podcast was a project for Zach and former host Brooks Guthrie (Now a sound designer for SWTOR) to practice what they were studying in school. You might say the podcast is a living resume. Along the way former hosts Evan Lewis and Leo Andrea joined up to add a deeper look to the Universe of Star Wars and carried the touch from Summer of 2012 to Spring of 2014.
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Zach Brown
Zach is a fan of video games and sports. You might say the majority of his free time is spent around one of these two hobbies. Living in Indiana, Zach is naturally a huge basketball fan and cheers for the Pacers and IU basketball. Also, living in the US he is a fan of football and cheers for the 49ers. Aside from that he plays PC and console games which range from FPS to MOBAs and everything in between. Zach is a part time student attending IUPUI. He is a husband and a father who enjoys spending time with his family. Also, he is a huge nerd. Loving TV shows like Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5, movies like Star Wars, books like Lord of the Rings and comics like Batman, there is always plenty to discuss with him.
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Former Hosts
Evan Lewis
With his earliest childhood memory being when he went to see Return of the Jedi in the theater at one-and-a-half years old, there has not been a time in Evan’s life that Star Wars was not a part of. Although not that great at X-Wing & Tie Fighter for PC, Evan has conquered both Knights of the Old Republic games nearly a half-dozen times each. Great thanks goes to his wife for allowing him to fill up every bookshelf in the house with Star Wars books and stacking boxes of comics in the closet. Evan has a bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies from Indiana University. And you know you’ve seen too much Star Wars when you compare the Prequel Trilogy to ancient Greek tragedy to explain why it should be appreciated more.
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Leo Andrie
His earliest memory of Star Wars is of having sword fights with his “lifesaver”. Of course, Leo eventually learned that they’re called “lightsabers” and that pieces of Matchbox car race track make terrible swords. Since that time Star Wars has always been a part of his life and even had the Imperial March played at his wedding. He’s played damned near every Star Wars video game and read almost all the non-Clone Wars Era books and comic books. Leo is now excited to be able to share his passion for all things Star Wars (well, except The Clone Wars) with the rest of the world.
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