Episode 19: Order Up, Razer.

I could go on and on about what a fantastic episode this is, and how we really go to the heart of casual SWTOR gaming and blah blah blah, but lets be real. In this episode, we announce the winners of the Razer gear. So listen up.

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9 replies on “Episode 19: Order Up, Razer.”

Also, to follow up the slicing thing; it’s absolutely awesome while leveling. When I hit 50, I had 1.2 million credits built up; this is after buying things on the auction house, buying stuff from the Specialty vendor on every planet, and buying all the most expensive speeders. I paid for all my training, got my speeder, and got my piloting and I still had 600K left. I’m currently sitting at 500K after powerleveling my Artifice to 400. Slicing, easily the best prof. I’m currently saving for the Tirsa Prime speeder on Voss. So ugly it’s hot!

The instance where you lock the people in the airlock is The Athiss. Also, the Hard mode flashpoints at lvl 50 are pretty tough and take a long time. Doing The Esselles even has its moments of banging your head against the desk because of some of the mechanics on 2 of the bosses. It is refreshing having to work a little harder to finish it, but at the same time for a casual gamer it would be frustrating to try to complete.

In answer to this episode’s question, I wish my Jedi could do the kind of acrobatics you see in the movies and the Jedi Knight games. I understand that it’s not really possible with the kind of gameplay The Old Republic supports bt I do miss doing flips and walking on walls.