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MER Episode 66: Execute

Don’t worry, all you Jedi Knights and Consulars: the Troopers won’t attack you, but that does not make this episode any less exciting! SWTOR gets its first major content update with patch 1.1, “Rise of the Rakghouls.” Alan, Evan, and Zach tackle all the tweaks and changes the game will see once the patch hits and also look at some previews of future possible changes. The crew dives into MER-Q’s and then welcome back MMO Loser, now with SWTOR losers!

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Discussion Topics
– Patch 1.1 “Rise of the Rakghouls”
– Future Changes Previewed
– Razer Peripherals Delayed
– Your MER-Q’s
– MMO Loser

14 replies on “MER Episode 66: Execute”

Hey guys!

I’m Loving the podcast, I listen every week and I just have a quick question:

I recently did a heroic quest with 4 teammates on Taris, with me being the Tank (Jedi knight guardian). One of the guys on the team did something which when we approached the various mobs during the quest it displayed a different color icon/symbol above the enemies head.

As the tank, I was instructed to attack the enemy with the green colored icon first.

Can you tell me if this is a class ability or is this something that everyone can do??

Thanks a bunch, keep up the great work on the show πŸ™‚


Qynn, jedi knight guardian on the PVE Kaas city server

Qynn –

The good news it that is NOT a class specific ability. Here is how you do it:

1) Mouse over and left click your intended target. This will move their avatar to the right of your action bar.

2) Right click the enemy avatar window (right of your action/hot bar) and a drop down list should appear. Among your choices should be colored icons.

3) Choose which icon appears over your enemies head and make sure your team knows which icon should be attacked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

See if that helps! – Alan

Hey guys, great podcast!

Just gonna throw my 2 cents in on a couple of the topics:

Just to give you some framing idea of my situation: I’m a lvl 50 Bounty Hunter on one of the busiest EU PvP servers. I’m in a small guild of mainly casual players, I’m one of only 3 lvl 50s in the guild.

My experience of Heroics and Flashpoints has been that they are almost impossible to set up at higher levels. Even actively trying to set up groups, I did not manage to do a single Heroic after Taris, just because the hassle of getting a group together outweighed the rewards, and very few people were interested in taking part. Why spend 30 minutes getting a group together for a couple of quests, that will give you gear and XP that will be meaningless a couple of levels down the line? The same went for Flashpoints. I was unable to get into a single flashpoint beyond lvl 40… I have never managed to get a group for red Reaper, Directive 7 or The Foundry, even since being 50 and trying to get a group together.

The same now goes for Hard Modes and Operations at lvl 50. Although I would expect it to be difficult to get a group together for a PUG Operations group, I would however expect to get a decent group for HM Flashpoints. The reasons for this, I believe, are twofold: partly the difficulty of getting these set up, and partly because again the rewards are meager in comparison to the effort of arranging these groups, and then actually completing the content. The last point is compounded by the relatively good PvP matchmaking system, that allows people to participate in PvP constantly with minimum effort, and the excellent and achievable PvP rewards. About 5 or 6 2-3 hour PvP sessions can get you kitted out in epic gear that beats anything available in any HM flashpoint.

that leaves me PvPing almost exclusively, which is fun, but I do feel frustrated that I can’t participate in other content.

Regarding leaving WZ’s early.

Under the current system, I completely agree, no reason to leave a WZ. Prior to the level 50 brackets though, I had no qualms about leaving a BG when it was a team of sub-50s vs a level 50 premade. It’s just not fun to sit around for 10 minutes being spawn camped.

For those MMO Loser names…
My Imperial Agent’s name is Thrawn. It used to be Mitth’raw’nuro because you can’t fit the “do” at the end. Ended up remaking him so I got Thrawn.
Bounty Hunter is named Canderous, after Canderous Ordo from Kotor & Kotor II.
Smuggler is named Griff, after Mission Vao’s brother from Kotor.
Trooper is named Kelborn after a mandalorian from Kotor II.
Sith Warrior is named Alek after Darth Malak.
Sith Inquisitor is named Konahrik, which means Warlord in the Dragon Language from Skyrim.
I’m a altoholic and a loser. πŸ™

hey guys love your show.
Now on the question of hey you got great gear come on in.
or your gear sucks you need to go.
Me myself I let anybody in good gear bag here I do not care.
If we go in and wipe out we will simply change our gameplay mechanics of the way we come at the game.
May take a little longer but we will win I guarantee it.

PS. I am a smuggler level 36 casual player.
and oh I’m a loser my smuggler legacy name is Calrizzian LOL