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MER Episode 34: DarthToroAskACorellianSyndicast!

MER Episode 34: DarthToroAskACorellianSyndicast!

In this extremely special episode of Mos Eisley Radio, we manage to wrangle as many fansites as possible into our hotel room to discuss the goings on at this year’s PAX East in Boston. Joined by Darth Hater, TOROCast, AskAJedi, Corellian Run Radio, and TOR Syndicate, we share impressions of the weekend … everything from the booth layout, to Taral V, to antics at the fansite meet and greet! We of course want to offer a huge thanks for everyone making time in their already busy schedules to join us. As always, we want to hear your thoughts by joining the discussion of this episode on the FORUMS!

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz and Cornbeast.

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Fansites Present:
– Pete and Dover from Darth Hater
– Samm and Musco from TOROCast
– Bill (Lethality) from AskAJedi
– Kathy and Roxanne from Corellian Run Radio
– LordHammer and Vall from TOR Syndicate

17 replies on “MER Episode 34: DarthToroAskACorellianSyndicast!”

Great episode! I really liked hearing all the opinions of PAX from some major fan websites. I also had quite the laugh!

OMG! Epic work guys, this was easily one of my highlights sans playing with the dream team (TOROCast, Ask A Jedi, and MER). Sorry my voice was raspy, lost it over the week from the weather and talking with everyone at the show.

Great Episode Brooks ans Zach , enjoyed the commentary from Pax 2011 . Keep up the great work guys

Epic podcast guys, great stuff!

That was a blast… and I agree with Pete – easily the highlight of the weekend for me was playing thru Taral V with you guys!

Great video, would love to hang with a crowd like this! Thank you all for the videos, interviews, and hope! I wanted to add that I agree with you all on the need for Bioware to give a more massive appearance at PAX, I think it is invaluable for them to gain the new mmo’er, as that is the person who is not used to consuming content like its air. I also agree that they needed to appeal to the mmo vet, but I think it would have been better served by showing us the MMO side… 45 computers playing origin worlds alongside the internal testers as guides would have been better served… to see masses of people playing and working together would have bridged the gap.

Awesome podcast. You guys made fun of the Razer Naga, which is in my opinion the best mouse for MMO’s. With my thumb I have access to the buttons 1 to = which leave my left hand free for anything really, and with keybinding with Shift/alt/ctrl. That’s about 36 buttons. It more than anyone needs but yeah that mouse is amazing for pvp.

Just saying.

Well done guys!! Hillarious and informative! Nice hearing you all together! I agree with Vandessa, you guys should do more ensemble-casts. Pro! 😉

Hey guys just wanted to say amazingly good podcast, so wish i could have been there for PAX, but really i enjoyed listening to that so much, still laughing at it.

Its nice because i start to feel like this game is getting more and more like a community rather than just a game.

Whoa you guys actualy had chicks in your hotel room?
That is so wierd.

Great podcast as usual.