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MER Episode 33: Healing Rockets

MER Episode 33: Healing Rockets

As we post this update, we are quite literally headed out the door, bound for Boston. We’re incredibly looking forward to getting our first hands-on with SWTOR, and much more so, meeting the developers and fans! On this week’s show, the ladies of Corellian Run Radio join us to discuss the Bounty Hunter class update, as well as everything the community would ever need to know about PAX East. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts by joining the discussion of this episode on the FORUMS!

We want to offer a big thanks to StarWarsFan421, Niczo Obisk from TIG, Seth Glenn, Republic Killer, Nathaniel Wolfolk, Paydirt76, balpho1, Kevin Martin, Masaimune, and Lance Baumgard for taking the time to leave us reviews on iTunes.

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News From the Galactic Republic
3/4 – Bounty Hunter Update
– Class Video
– New Companion: Mako the Slicer
– D5 Matis Ship
– No player bounties at launch
– Bounty Hunter to have healing spec

PAX East Update
– SWTOR will be shown at BOOTH 912, which on the PAX Map is part of EA’s booth
– Community Fantina – 7PM Friday night at the Times Irish Bar in downtown Boston
– SWTOR Meet and Greet – 6PM in the Westin Boston Waterfront (the connected hotel)
– VERY IMPORTANT: M&G is by invitation only. Must pick up an invitation from Booth 912 on Friday or Saturday
– 45 minutes of play time with the Republic Flashpoint, Taral V
– All homeworlds, including Tython, will be playable

6 replies on “MER Episode 33: Healing Rockets”

It’s weird that people miss out on some points that to me are obvious but why do bounty hunters heal? My guess would be on the Sith-side many players in beta that are the more typical healing class such as Inquisitor, are going with a damage spec rather than a heal spec. Thus, they need to make a healing option among more Sith-side players so that you will get a percentage of healers on the Sith Side. I would guess that we will see bounty hunters and (possibly or definitely) see warriors that can heal because there is a dearth (scarcity) of healers with just agents and inquisitors healing. My two cents.

Awesom podcast as always guys. Great to hear the ladies from Corellian Run Radio, Carla Kathy and Roxanne. Was great to hear you all talk about the game. It just makes me even more excited that the game is this much closer to launch. I hope you all have an awesome time at PAX East, and be sure to take loads of pictures and post them to the forum. I have always wanted to go to a PAX gaming convention, but living in Texas, eh I just don’t got that kind of time nor money. Anywho have a great time, be safe and looking forward to the post PAX east podcast.

Dont agree with what some of you thinks that if Bounty Hunters get to hunt players for bountys then that should be for everyone.That just makes no sense canon wose or lore wise. It’s only for Bounty Hunters and thats the way it should be.You cant have it all sry.

I think you are missing another major point on why each class can do almost anything. first specifically think about Jedi knight dps with one saber, in the movies how many characters do you see dual wielding? I think its all about aesthetics, not everyone wants to wield two sabers, but they still want to do dps, so why not let them? This game is about making your own iconic star wars character, exactly how you want them to be. sure to most of us a bounty hunter who heals may seem silly, but i bet there are a few people out there who heard the news and were ridiculously exited. I think what exited me the most about this game, is that its going to be focused on role playing, its like D&D, you can be whoever you want, however you want them to be.

also side note, maybe its just the server i play on, but in wow there are very few healers compared to tanks and dps, if the majority of classes in this game have a healing spec, maybe we will see more healers in game, and have shorter dungeon cues.

Hie guys i want that tune in the middle of the podcast! can you share? the fanboy tune=)

I was listening to you all lament the lack of a player bounty system at launch, and was reminded of SWG’s attempt to implement the system as PVP. I personally found it unrealistic when players can put prices on others’ heads. I would rather see bounty placed on players heads by a more involuntary method. I would suggest that perhaps certain quests give a character points that once reaching certain plateaus would automatically start the player as having a price on their head, and the bounty would build as the points build, but once the player is taken out by a bounty hunter, and the bounty collected, those points would reset or at least the bounty would go away until a certain amount of additional points is earned again. This would let persons not into PVP be able to avoid being hunted arbitrarily. On the flip side, an incentive would be needed to have players be wanting to have the bounty on them. I think that certain equipment, weapons, etc., would only be purchasable when one has achieved a certain level of bounty points. The credit for reaching certain ranks/levels would not go away once achieved, but if killed, the player would have to start again with fewer or no points. Just an idea.