Oct 22

MER Episode 97: Back From Hibernation

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After months in carbonite, Evan and Leo thaw out just in time to bring you their thoughts on SWTOR’s upcoming PvP Space Combat, Wave 3 of the X-Wing minis, new decks for the LCG, and even touch on the Age of Rebellion RPG. You’ll find all that and more in this long-overdue return to your mp3 player!

You can still find like-minded folks to share adventures with at our forums (even if there’s usually only about four people there these days)!

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Discussion Topics
– SWTOR: Finally! Space Combat PvP!
– X-Wing: Wave 3 Reviewed!
– SWLCG: Hoth Wraps Up, The Force Takes Over
– SWRPG: Rebellion, Empire, Unknown, The Rim, Hired Gun, etc.

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz

12 Responses

  1. Monstage says:

    So you come back and immediately spoil a major plot thread from the Star Wars EU just because you have a beef with Troy Denning?

    Well done. I was gearing up to read the rest of the books I haven’t had time to catch up on over the years, that particular plot point is now spoiled for me now.

    Something that podcasters really need to get into their heads is that not everybody has had the chance to read/play/watch every piece of entertainment you have, so when you really feel you have to blurt out a major spoiler please consider giving us fair warning first. At the very least give me enough time to switch off the ipod or take the headphones out of my ears.

    Now I know I cannot trust you I will no longer be listening to the podcast, not that you will give a toss but now, neither do I.

    • Evan says:

      Embargos on spoilers can only last so long. Sorry you’re so mad about it, but after this many years most people know. In this day and age it’s damn near impossible to stay spoiler free and I really don’t see how that impacts your trust of us, but hey if you feel that strongly, have fun.

    • Leo says:

      I honestly don’t remember what spoiler you’re talking about, but I’m going to assume we’re talking about Jacen here. I apologize, but that book was released over five years ago. At this point I don’t consider it a spoiler any more. Sorry we’re losing a listener, but I’m not going to give out spoiler warnings for plot points that old.

  2. Scott says:

    I love the show. I hope to see you guys back on a more regular schedule!

  3. G'day from WA says:

    What – there’s a second death star!!! I was just about to watch ROTJ for the first time – I’m never listening to you guys again!

    • Evan - MER Co-Host says:

      Darn it! Lost another one! Suppose we shouldn’t mention that there’s a new movie in development either…

  4. Darth McTaters says:

    So glad you guys are back! 😀 Too bad I didn’t check back any earlier, but better than never.

    • Evan - MER Co-Host says:

      Can’t blame you for not seeing us. Heck, I’d expect only iTunes subscribers to really notice when there’s a new ep. We’re glad you’re glad! We hope to knock out another this coming weekend to talk about Leo’s second experience at the X-Wing World Championships in MN.

  5. Thross says:

    Welcome back! Glad to get my MER fix again.

  6. Rich Hoffman says:

    It’s good to see you guys back.

  7. Zalmoxis says:

    Love the new site format.

    Some podcast content would be great.

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