Jul 16

MER Episode 96: Livin’ On The Edge (Of The Empire)

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Leo and Evan bounce right back after some technical difficulties to discuss more Star Wars gaming news than you can imagine! New SWTOR news, Living Card Game news, and a quick review of the newly released Edge of the Empire role-playing game!

Discuss all these topics and more over at our forums! Make some friends, shoot the breeze, tell everyone why your game is the best… The usual.

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Discussion Topics
– SWTOR: KOTOR turns 10!
– SWLCG: Leo’s take on the game as a whole…
– Edge of the Empire has released!
– a little of this, a little of that…

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz

5 Responses

  1. GMLovlie says:

    I know its blasphemy, but you could spend $5 or what it is for the dice app (for both android and ios), which can be used for both X-Wing and EotE.

    • Leo says:

      True, but having dice in hand feels so much better. Also there’s a large portion if the X-Wing tourney crowd that really dislikes/distrusts the dice app. Using the app while play against one of these guys can ruin an otherwise fun time.

  2. Evan says:

    I do use the dice app myself when my x-wing dice feel jinxed, but it’s always just at-home games. Plus, the app works very well for online EotE since you don’t want loud dice rattling going over Skype.

  3. Jacuns says:

    I love listening to these while running Warzones. Please don’t stop.

  4. Thross says:

    I’m missing MER. Will there be more in the future?

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