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MER Episode 82: Weekend Errata

First off, apologies to the listeners. This episode was recorded a week prior to publishing, but events prevented the editing from getting done. However, the conversation is great, the topics are timely, and we can almost guarantee you will enjoy this episode! If you’re excited for Fantasy Flight’s new tabletop Star Wars games, this ep is for you!

Evan and Leo were happy to be joined by a special guest, Zach Brown, MER founder and current host of the Board & Base podcast, which can be found over at!

Share your thoughts and say hi to the rest of the community over at the official MER forums!

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Discussion Topics
– Post GenCon & Gamescom discussion
– X-Wing Miniatures Game
– Star Wars: The Card Game
– Edge of the Empire Role-Playing Game
– Community Discussion: Post-Con Good, Not-so-Good, and Weird Stuff

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz