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MER Episode 83: My Life For Alderaan

MER 83

Leo and Evan return to bring you the latest and greatest Star Wars book, TV, and gaming news, including the Living Card Game and updated info on the Edge of the Empire RPG beta! Also, they’re happy to bring you a new segment featuring another guest contributor from the MER forums: Scott, aka, Tassedar! He’ll be bringing us tips on how to prepare and survive SWTOR’s end-game Operations!

Come share your thoughts with Scott, Leo, and Evan over at the MER forums. Find new people to play with, talk about the latest nerfs that you can’t stand, and dissect the upcoming patch with other fans!

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Discussion Topics
– News from SW Celebration VI
– New SW LCG Blog Post
– Edge of the Empire Errata Update No. 1
– Tales From the Outer Rim: Op Prep
– Community Discussion: Preemptive Thoughts on Terror From Beyond

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz