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Introducing Wits End Radio: A League of Legends Podcast


Hey guys. Over the past few years I have got to know a lot of you in our MER community and I discovered there is a large number of us that enjoy League of Legends. I wanted to let everyone in on a little project I am starting dedicated to LoL, called Wits End Radio. This is a podcast that is similar to Mos Eisley Radio but discuss the latest news, startigies and more about our favorite MOBA game. If you guys are interested check it out.

Right now we are giving away Sivir with her Pax skin. For more information head over to our website . You can follow us on twitter as well for more information. (which you will need to know for the contest ) We hope you enjoy it.

2 replies on “Introducing Wits End Radio: A League of Legends Podcast”

Fantastic! Finally, a new League of Legends podcast (as the only one I used to listen to shut down late last year), and even done by my favorite Podcasting community. You’ve now finally given me that push I needed to get back into my old pre-TOR addiction. Looking forward to checking out the episodes tomorrow while at work!

–From that Seph’iroth troll that Zack forgot to give a shoutout to