Sunny’s Diner Episode 25: Double Negative

Rad comes back from vacation and I go all darkside on him with serious questions. You’ll see.

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9 replies on “Sunny’s Diner Episode 25: Double Negative”

On the note of voicing out the problems in the game; Its hard to get on a forum and then say I think X,Y, and Z is wrong and then go ahead and list out all the stuff you like after. There is only so much space in a post and I think it might fall under, if I didn’t say anything it means its fine. I myself voice my opinion a lot about the game, but in my mind I am only trying to help the game. Bottom line is, I like to keep things real and just sitting and only listing out the good things, is just as bad as only listing out the bad.

Great show, keep them coming.

Hi Jessica, I recommend that you contact an attorney if the company will not give you a refund.

I completely agree with radi-cool, dont read the comments, play the game, if you dont like it , dont play the game, you will me missing out on the best mmo in years (swtor). Forums comments completely broke my appreciation for Aion. I was an aion evangelist. Dont do this. You will just lose you zest for the game. And its sad cause Swtor rocks. Just do me 1 favor : dont for 1 minute pretend like there is anything out there that is better than swtor 🙂 especially not wow.

Marmite , jedi knight sentinel ( Saints of the old republic ) Helm of Gaursh server.

Not to be rude to anyone, but when did the casual gamer become someone who logs on and plays NIGHTLY? That sounds very much hardcore. Someone has either a false preception of themselves or just pulling our legs. Im sorry but anything you do on a daily bases is something you are pretty dedicated too and very much a serious aspect of your life. I consider myself a workout enthusiast but I can only do that 6 days a week about an hour at a time. Thats pretty hardcore in my circle. Is the “hardcore” MMO guy the one who plays it like a full time job or something?

Just my two cents, but nothing casual about ol Sunny.

Good show guys.

I totally agree with Rad and Zak. The negativity is insidious. It’s fine to point out things that need fixing or improvement, but when it’s done in a hostile griping way, it’s not constructive but is instead destructive.

We have to face facts though. There are some people out there with pent up hostility and they vent on things that can’t really fight back. Misery loves company and the more people they can upset the happier these types are.

It doesn’t take much courage or intelligence to rant. It does take intelligence to make a valid point well with specifics and to propose real solutions to a bona fide problem.

anubis77 got it right – if you don’t like it, don’t play. Don’t spread your negative energy and make things unpleasant for the rest of us who do. It’s important for us “positive people” to stick together and make things uncomfortable for the party spoilers. Let them take their negative energy somewhere else.

Cheers for the show, I’ve been similarly shocked by the tsunami of haters out there…I’m sure they must be playing a completely different game to me….ho hum. I’m cool just filtering it all out, but I do worry that some people thinking of playing this great game maybe put off by all the negativity and miss out on something that’s pretty awesome (and this is still just the start).

I find your analysis of the social phenomenon of pre-adolescent infantile behaviour to be refreshing, and more importantly: to the point. Its good to know that I’m not the only one that finds that silliness irritating (not that I thought I was)… in particular when they spam the chat…