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AlanShotFirst :: ep47 :: species and class shakeup

Posted on April 11th, by Admin in Watch. 1 Comment

What a crazy week it has been! Are you as excited about Game Update 1.2 as I am?! This week I ask: What new species and class combo are you looking forward to the most? Join the conversation! Link below.

Link to this conversation thread in the MER forums: ASF ep47

To see previous episodes, head over to:

Music courtesy of El Ten Eleven
Song Title: My Only Swerving

One thought on “AlanShotFirst :: ep47 :: species and class shakeup

  1. Chiss Sith Juggernaut. Going to by it with Creds once I’ve hit the right legacy level. Trying to level a Scoundrel and Shadow to 50, don’t really wanna get distracted from them by going imperial

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