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MER Episode 75: Twice The Texas

After a little break, the team is back in action and the boys are graced by the presence of Corellian Run Radio’s own Carla! The panel spends plenty of time on the big topics coming out of PAX East, including the much-tweeted release date of Game Update 1.2. They also share some Stories from the Outer Rim, answer some MER-Q’s, and Alan gives a MERC guild update.

Stop by the MER forums and say hi to Alan, Evan, Zach, and the rest of the MER staff and MERC guild members! Drop us your two cents, find new people to play with, or just see what everyone else is saying about SWTOR.

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Discussion Topics
– Stories From the Outer Rim: Epic Moments & PvP
– News From the Galactic Republic: PAX East and the elusive 1.2
– Community Discussion: What do you want?!
– MERC Update

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz.

12 replies on “MER Episode 75: Twice The Texas”

1.2 will be nice only if people start to get an understanding on the fact the game is still not done. So have fun, play some alts, play both sides, and worry about end game once they say this is the final level cap. We are such spoiled brats, us gamers. We want it this way and we want it now!

Now you all with digital voices need to get them to open up free transfers for 30 days so people can take their legacy’s to galaxies they really want to play on and not the ones they were sent to.

I want to be on a server that people play on because they want to be there.

PS the one thing they should add is a group summon computer or class ability, for flashpoints and or any sort of group activity. Saves loads of time.

So on my server (The Swiftsure), Imperials call Smugglers “ass pirates”.
Also, the good guys always win war zones.

I can understand forgetting the Nar Shadaa Revan quests, but completely blanking on Foundry! That’s just bad. Don’t you need to run it HM to get your boots?

I won’t spoil it, but Boarding Party and Foundry are follow ups to Maelstrom Prison, and Foundry directly leads into Battle of Ilum and False Emperor. Revan is not mentioned again after this point, but it’s worth playing again after you finish Belsavis so that you understand what happens at the end of the fight.

I find that the woman in this episode is really annoying. She takes a hugh breath after speaking. I almost couldnt Get though the Whole episode


The woman obviously did not do the Foundry Flashpoint on the Imperial side, which is the follow up on the Maelstrom Prison. The four man group ends up fighting Revan and “supposedly” kills him.

1.2 is really exciting. Lot of testers think that the state of the game at 1.2 is how it should have been at launch. I got a new character up to level 10 to unlock one of the tester titles. I was impressed by the custom UI and other UI changes. Still can’t click/drag to move windows around.

People have already mentioned it but I was practically screaming at my phone to Carla, Boarding Party and Foundry are very much follow ups for Revan. Also, my server (Keller’s Void) is actually pretty balanced between sides I believe, maybe a little more republic but not by much. And Smugglers…I don’t feel they are OP but I will admit that I will try to avoid them in PvP if possible

Great show guys. I listen all the time.

My question is this. With all the request for server merges and with Bioware not doing it anytime soon do you think the community could do it ourselves?

I notice a lot of word of mouth regarding the server Fatman and now it is full. As a community why don’t we simply all agree to move to certain servers. As podcasters you can speak for a lot of people and get the word out. Maybe pick a server a week and tell people to go there and fill it up then move on to the next server.

What do you think?

Re-listen to this episode and note what happens anytime Carla and someone else start to talk at the same time. Carla: 143; Everyone else: 0


ape2man –

Part of that is 1) a downside to using Skype to record a podcast. There is a delay when someone speaks and when the rest of us hear them. And then 2) we are a polite bunch so if a lady speaks first we will let her finish her thought.

– Alan