Sunny’s Diner Episode 24: Casual Bass

Doesn’t “Casual Bass” sound like a fish in a tank top. Like some cartoon fish on a chaise lounge with sunglasses on, drinking a pina colada? Anyways, Bioware Senior Community Coordinator David Bass joined us for a tasty meal and some discussion on casual gaming. And to troll me, which you’ll find out. Rad, of course, thought this was hilarious. I’m replacing him with the line-cook droid next week.

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3 replies on “Sunny’s Diner Episode 24: Casual Bass”

You can actually raid in WoW now without any addons or interface, I heal using the WoW built in raid frames because the changed it to be more like grid a addon I used in Wrath, it’s also similar to the Ops frames but I was able to tell if people had effects I could take off on the WoW interface vs SWTOR we’re I have to look at my targeted panel to see if they have debuffs instead of the ops frames 🙁

Also WoW made it much more obvious with telegraphed movements by the boss to see what there about to do, I know on Soa as a healer I have a very hard time seeing that light balls have spawned for me without someone else calling it because I’m looking at the ops frames.

I’m glad you guys had some one from SWTOR come on the show because it shows how honest thier personnel are and how hard there working to try to make the game better all around. 🙂