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MER Episode 67: State Of SWTOR

In this episode Zach is joined by Carla of Corellian Run Radio, Larry of Massively and Dover of Darth Hater. The four of us look at SWTOR in it’s current state and discuss what we like and dislike about it.

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– Discuss the current state of SWTOR

17 replies on “MER Episode 67: State Of SWTOR”

Yeah our guild also went in to Eternity vault on the normal mode as well, and the loot is auto assigned to people. This really annoyed us because for instance one of our juggernauts is focusing on dps. Well he won a tank piece and another one of our tanking juggernauts won a dps piece. I can only see this problem getting worse the more geared people are or the more you run the operation, because eventually there’ll be one or two people who just can’t get a piece while those who have the gear just keep winning pieces that they can’t use at all. This system is just strange.

We too ran into the issue with normal mode autoassigning loot. The idea behind it is that normal is so friggin easy pugs will be running it by next week. This loot system works well with pugs, taking away the power of the ninja. Hard and Nightmare modes allow one to distribute the loot. we only had time for 1 boss b4 raid time was up but it is comparable to normal mode WoW (I know stupid to compare the 2 but still, it is) and I imagine nightmare will be heroic grade.

Not as positive of an episode as I’m used to, but that’s alright.

Man that girl REALLY hated repair costs, lol.

I have to completely disagree regarding low levels in PvP. I have only reached level 37, and I have always been effective in PvP, from level 11 when I first queued until now. Granted at lower levels, I was forced to play more of a utility role, but that was only until I figured out gear. At level 20 when I gained access to pvp gear and spent about 15k credits on gear, I was absolutely dominant in WZ’s.

Just listened to this fully and have to say I’m impressed not because the content isych different from other gaming podcasts, but because of the different povs u guys bring. U got the casual raiders and pvpers up to the hardcore guys. I really appreciate that. A heads up they are bringing a daily space mission in for 50s to do for daily commendations and space ops are in the works too. Also the Modable gear that the girl is talking about is pointless at 50. Even the weakest purple is better so Modable gear could be better toned in my opinion. Kudos to this podcast guys!

jeebus guys, I stopped listening to CRR because I got so tired of Carla, every time she speaks it ends with “you know?” No, Carla, I don’t know. Explain it to me so that I understand instead of leaving it vague and unanswered.

Decent episode. My main complaint is the whining about pvp bolstering, after 1.1 the pvp became really fun and even playing characters in their teens wasn’t bad at all. “Well they have more abilities”, then spam the ones you got and go level!.
Things I would fix with game as it is, in no meaningful order:
1 lfg system
2 put me back in my group after pvp match
3 very little open world pvp, hell I had open world matches on wow at level 14ish
4 med and heavy armor social point gear, wtf is with all the light stuff

I have more but need to get back to work. Keep it up

The stories are awesome, but I think that there should be little more involved in the Class story, there are so many quests on each planet, and i think more should be included into the class story. Then I really think there should be a set of quests on each planet that involve more of the back stories to each of the Companions. I want to be forced to use each one but i might be alone on that.

Grouping up with people is so hard, I find myself sitting on a planet waiting days before I can team up to do heroics and that on a heavy server. There is definitely something wrong with this.

Lastly, i find myself leveling so fast, I wound up over powering one of the planets i visited. Does anyone think it might be possible to have planet related quests adjust to the level you have. For example either more mobs, or more powerful mobs making everything a little more challenging from the begining to the end. If I go back to Korriban I want mobs that match me. I might be alone on this as well lol.

On a PVP or RPG server I think that when the two factions meet that you should be able to fight each other without asking for a duel or without flagging yourself for pvp. If you want to roleplay leaving each other alone then you can, but otherwise the conflict should be there. Even if someone from the republic that I bump into is higher level I want to fight them on occasion because thats how I want to role play it. I want that chance.

Wasn’t that good of a episode. Shouldn’t talk about things unless you are sure Dover was up to date alot of you weren’t. It was alot of complaining. Sorry but this episode was I’m the host and these are the things I dont like about the game (lfg, which they have, pvp which is much better post 1.1) then you wanted to see if they agreed. Most of them didnt cause the actual state of the game has changed on alot of the issues you guys had. Keep up the good work but just stay more neutral as the host when you do a episode like this.

Hello Walter,

To start, thank you for taking to time to leave feedback about the most recent episode of MER. While I do appreciate what you have to say I disagree with you on some level. I really don’t know where to start but it seems that there are three issues which you have with this episode. (My opinion on LFG, my opinion on PvP, me complaining about the game in general)

As it stands right now bioware doesn’t have a LFG system that is global. The current system is complete garbage and barely offers a player anything. I don’t understand how it helps me find a group to do flashpoints, like Taral V or Maelstrom, when I am questing on Hoth and there are only 15 other players on the world at the same time. I want a real LFG system that actively and globally searches for you. I want a system that takes into consideration of your role and level while search and matches you up appropriately. The LFG system from WoW was something I really enjoyed and hope to see something like that introduced. The system they currently have has little to offer me. I tried using it last night on the Republic fleet and all 75 players on the station had nothing in their comments section. General chat was being spammed though. It’s not a very good system which is no surprise to me why I didn’t know anything about it.

As for PvP, Prior to 1.1 I played a ton of pvp and it was all mostly a negative experience. Post 1.1 I played a few games of PvP and still encountered the same experience. I even stated that on the show. The point is why wouldn’t I come to the same conclusion about PvP when the same end result is happening? This doesn’t nullify the opinion I had about the few matches I played nor does it make my opinions wrong, but I will agree that I probably need a bigger sample size of games post 1.1.

I personally feel that level bands are the best experience for players who are lower level and want to participate in a balanced warzone. I was super excited about having level banded pvp when James Ohlen told me this on Open Bounty. This is what I wanted for warzone PvP. Its not fair when I am fighting some guy that has about 1/5 of the abilities I have because he is level 17 and I am 42. This is why I am so disappointed it’s not in the game, A.) Because it’s my preferred style of PvP, and B) because James Ohlen told me this when he was on Open Bounty. Did you even watch that episode?

I will admit that I have played PvP per Dover’s recommendation and it is significantly better from what I have played in the past. Although until I start up a new character and try it from a lower level perspective it will be hard for me to gage if the game is more balanced now or if I am just much higher level since 50s have been removed from the equation.

Lastly I think we looked at the game fairly and talked about both good and bad things in SWTOR. While it’s important to acknowledge the good (which we did) I feel there are a lot of growing concerns (as do a lot of other players) with this game that could have a negative effect on the community if not addressed. The Presidents State of the Union Address works the same way. Its normally a speech talking about X issues with Y solutions followed by endless amounts of standing ovations.

I have been covering this game for over 2 1/2 years and have had plenty of good things to say about it. I would have never have started this site if I felt the game was going to be less that awesome. Since there is so much invested into the success of this game I don’t want to see it fall apart. That is why these things frustrate me when I see it happening. It’s even more frustrating when Bioware states one thing and then another happens. This has happened a lot throughout the development of the game. It’s part of the industry but it doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated or upset when it happens.

I hope you understand my position a little more from this long post. It’s also good to get challenging feedback because it forces me to really look hard at my opinions to see if they are valid or not. I feel like my opinions are valid but I also haven’t had enough time with the current changes to sway them. I will comment more on this on the show as I continue to play more.

Thank you for listening and for your feedback as well.


Carla is quite possibly the most annoying person I’ve heard on any podcast. It’s not just her insufferably nasal voice and hideous accent, but also her incessant whining that I couldn’t stand.
Please don’t have her back.

I find it necessary to defend Carla. Having met her in person and being an avid listener of the CRR podcast, she is one of the nicest, genuine, and warm-hearted people I have ever met.

Roonerspism – Your comments are uncalled for and frankly hurtful. I guarantee you she will be back on the show at some point in the future and we will welcome her back. She is a friend of mine and this podcast community.

She is entitled to her opinion just like anyone else.

While you have the right to your opinion just like Carla, Zach, Evan, Leo or myself I would encourage you to think about your words and the impact they may have on the individual you are attacking.

– Alan


Critique of the content and and style of a presenter’s contribution is fair comment, and all who put themselves in the public domain willingly expose themselves such review.

To characterise such critique as an attack is inaccurate. I made a point about the impact she had on this listener. I make no comment about her as a human being. How could I? I have never met her. I am sure she is as nice, genuine and warm-hearted as you describe, but that does render her immune to criticism as a podcaster.

I understand that you feel the need to stand up for someone you describe as a friend, but you are missing the point.


Trolls be trollin’ Alan. Those of us who have listened for a long time always enjoy the presence of other prominent members of the TOR Fan community on the show. I’m with you buddy. Carla’s great.

Rooner, you know you were being a clown bro. This is a fun and positive community that you are clearly not ready to be a part of. I understand that you feel the need to provide constructive criticism, but insulting someone’s accent is not constructive, it’s just rude, and I think you are missing the point.

Carla, it’s always nice to hear your point of view. I only have characters on PvP servers, so it’s interesting to hear what things are like on PvE servers. Come back again soon!