Sunny’s Diner Episode 20: Sorry Corso

I’m sorry, but I just don’t like Corso Riggs. And for some reason, he’s supposed to be my Sunny’s love interest? No thank you. I’d rather kiss a wookie. And I think I can arrange that.

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Enjoy the meal.

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4 replies on “Sunny’s Diner Episode 20: Sorry Corso”

Podcast question based off of episode 19 Razer giveaway. For a casual gamer, how important is hardcore equipment? I have been playing TOR off of my old MacBook Pro and don’t use a mouse other than my trackpad (which does not even have a right click button). I would jump at the chance to get a Razer Naga (or any other of the awesome equipment), but as a casual gamer do I need to spend the cash?

No. Hardcore equipment is a luxury. As a casual gamer, don’t feel the need to get anything like that. A razer naga is super nice, but by no means required. If you want to get crazy for cheap, spend some time messing with your keybindings in the preferences. Start setting your abilities that you want to use quickly to specific keys on your keyboard. Your left hand will start to go all crazy while you play. You can easily be competitive on the top end simply by doing that.


I don’t want SWTOR to become like WoW, where everything has a best this or that spec and you get laughed at if you dont. I’m by no means a casual player, I play every day and participate in pvp, but if I HAVE TO have BIOCHEM, or SLICING, then wtf is the point of playing this game?

It’ll be like rl, where I HAVE TO HAVE A JOB, HAVE TO MAKE MONEY, and HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES. This is a game, and just this once, I want the elitists to #### off.

As a female playing a female smuggler, I completely agree with you, Corso is incredibly annoying. Also, a friend of mine has been bragging about his conquests as a male smuggler and I’m thinking, there are just not that many flirt options with story npcs for female smugglers, at least not compared to the males.