Sunny’s Diner: Prequel 20

It’s time to place your orders, folks! Let us know what you want served up next week at the diner! Also, check out our very first VIP winner, Korevas!

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I’ve got one for you. As a casual game, when do you find time to play? I find myself hopping in first thing in the morning sometimes just to get the taste if interweb blood on my blaster.

Though playing at night before bed always gives me wonderful space combat dreams.

Being a dad of two under three, sometimes nap time is all I get on the weekends.

Love the show, keep it up.

Hulgren of corilian run

Hmm. You guys have changed the menu, but I still see some old favorites. For an appetizer, I’d like to ask, “So far, given all you know and all you have experienced, what is your score for the game on a scale of 1 – 10?” That should do nicely.

For my main course, I’ll have a plate of “Do you see Bioware retaining customers based on the strength of its leveling content or based on its endgame plans?”

And for dessert, a guilty pleasure of mine! I’d like to split an order of “What race would you most want to see in the game?”

My bill for the meal would be:

“8 out of 10”
“Leveling content is good for launch, but strong endgame plans have to be finalized and TOR must find its own rhythm for endgame”

25% gratuity for excellent service

Targeter, GM of Shien – US East RP