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MER Episode 53: V For Veronica

Zach, Evan, and Alan are honored to bring you a very special interview with web celeb Veronica Belmont from Sword and Laser, Tekzilla, and PSN’s digital talk magazine Qore. As a founding member of one of the biggest MMO guilds in the world, she brings a unique perspective to the discussion of what the MER community can look forward to in December and beyond. The guys also dish on the latest updates from the official SWTOR news sources, including guilds, betas, and galaxies (oh, my!).

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Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– MER Interview with Veronica Belmont
– New Guild Info
– Beta Weekend Update
– 3-D Galaxy Map at
– Your MERQ’s

10 replies on “MER Episode 53: V For Veronica”

Loved the show, I mean for Adolescence kids, keep up the good work!

Hey pass some of those people who want to be in MERC to me, I think they’ll find I have a very dedicated staff (shameless plug, I know).

The podcast seems to be having problems. I was listening to it about 1/5 of the way in when it stopped and started buffering. It never stopped buffering. I’ve refreshed the page a few times and tried again and again. Now it just says connecting and nothing beyond that. Will try next to listen on iTunes or download the podcast. Enjoying the podcast so far.

I got to play this weekend and I am currently going through SWTOR-Withdrawl. I’ll just say, listening to this podcast did not help things whatsoever.

Lol whether this is relevant or not doesnt matter but… me and my friend played at comic-con this weekend (friday and sunday) and this game is everything we thought it would be. I wish you guys could’ve made it but Brookes was. Keep up the good podcasting guys

What song is that General Fuzz song that plays starting about -48. Ive looked through all the albums and I cant find that song.

Can anyone help me?

! Thanks you sir, Ive been looking for this song for the past few days. That whole album is AWESOME!

thanks again 😀

damn! you mean you will fnlaily be the one that makes me spend money on the PSN store?Cuz I might want to try this. I followed you when you were in mahalo, but Tekzilla is not my kind of show. Its good to know you’ll have a show on PS3.Good reasons to own a PS3:-MGS4-Final Fantasy XIII-Veronica Belmont!

Thank you for an awsum podcast channel. I only recently started following it.

Have to disagree on the wow = mmo standard thing….. Wow really is no standard for anything anymore.

Almost any new mmo has a better battle system, and when i recently started wow up again i became almost sad at how old an horrid the wow battle systems feel. I played for an evening and let the rest of the time card die in peace.

Rift,Aion,TOR,Warhammer,AOC all have aspects that outshine wow. Classes, Raids, pvp, quests, events, dynamic events, all feel a lot more polished.

Soz but only a wow fanboy would still in 2012, say that its the standard for mmo gaming.

I know that a lot of ppl still play wow but that only means that there are a lot of ppl out there who dont know any better.

wow is a gewd game but by all respects very dated at the moment.