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MER Episode 54: That Other Comic-Con

Comic-Con came and gone but was there any news? Kathy and Roxanne from Corellian Run Radio were at the event and join us this week to inform us on what we missed. We also manage to respond to some of your questions too.

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Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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7 replies on “MER Episode 54: That Other Comic-Con”

Hey Zach I have to correct you guys on something real quick. There are way more than 600,000 people that pre-order. VGChartz only shows pre-orders that JUST FROM U.S. Retail stores. The numbers do not include pre-orders form the following:

Outside the US

So the number of people preordering the game is substantially higher than what is shown. In fact based on a statistical poll on the official forums, the number of preorders could very well be over 1.5 MILLION.

You were talking about the space combat part of swtor. And someone said Lucas should develop or find a developer for a updated version of the x-wing series. And then i was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if that game was developed as a standalone game, but that could also be installed as an addon for swtor possibly with some downloadable content from bioware to adapt the game to make it ‘fit in’.

Great show. Really fun to listen to. Thanks for taking the time to talk about space combat some more. Even on the podcast, it’s pretty easy to see how divisive of an issue it is. Put it in the same realm as religion and politics in the TOR fan base. It’s hard to talk about and have a civil conversation about it.

It’s really hard to see how the bridge will ever be gapped. For people that want free flight multiplayer to be a part of the game, there’s no way to convey what it means to some Star Wars fans to people who were never enthralled by this aspect of the IP. For me personally, it’s a huge reason of why I love Star Wars to begin with, knowing that it is diminished in this game is a huge black spot for me.

On the other hand, for the people that don’t like the IP or the people who love the IP but never liked this specific aspect of it, it’s really hard to describe the passion and the importance of this issue to them as far as it being almost necessary to deliver a complete Star Wars experience. Perhaps like having Star Trek without Data and Warf (mispelled probably). It’s just a part of the IP that really adds to the flavor of the world we will play in, and the whole of the product does feel diminished with it missing for me.

I’ll say this, if the game doesn’t feel like Star Wars, I won’t stay long. No, I never played Galaxies, but I know what Star Wars should feel like just as elephants know where the burial grounds of their ancestors lie without ever going there. It’s in your bones, almost completely subconscious, and I know this is wrong. Sound silly? Imagine Drizzt being in Cyrodil or Eldred Ulthuan being being kind and compassionate to aliens, or Greedo shooting first. . . No matter how many times you see it or they try to tell you this is the way things are, there’s a small part of you that will always rebel against the very premise of it.

Just an observation but when you mouse over episode 54 pic (above) it still says “V for Veronica”

Hamilton County cops are the worst. Carmel, Fishers, and Noblesville all have cops that harass people, especially if you have a Marion County plate…

Very funny and enjoyable podcast. I’ve been missing listening to a new podcast on Corellian Run Radio, so it was a treat to have to have Kathy and Roxanne join you on this podcast.