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MER Episode 49: KHAAAAAN Season

Its that time of the week to listen to your favorite podcast for SWTOR news and goofiness. Evan has returned and is back on the podcast this week. MER writer Leo Andrie also joins us as well. We recap all of the big news from Gamescom and the swtor website. We also discuss the KOTOR story arc and relate it to TOR for those (like Zach) who can’t remember all of the details or simply never played the game.

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Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Gamescom
– Huttball
– Crew Skills
– KOTOR Storyline

16 replies on “MER Episode 49: KHAAAAAN SEASON”

A quick comment about the night day cycles. They said that were not putting this in because of performance and appearance. The shadows created causes a lot of performance problems for loading and changing constantly. They did say that all planets will have one time of day and it will remain that time, but having said that not every planet will be mid day or midnight. They will change as well as weather will change from planet to planet. I hope that helps. I dont remember when they said this, but I do remember reading this.

they addressed night/day cycle in terms of story. if you have a mission target that needs to occur at night instead of waiting for night to fall, by the time you get to target it is night. no need to “wait” until midnight a la Bethesda.

I really enjoyed the KOTOR Roundtable segment of the show. It was a trip down memory lane about the Xbox game that really got me into Star Wars beyond just the movies. I think you should devote at least two more show segments to talking about KOTOR. I’d like to hear you talk more about what the Star Forge is, Jolie, and the planet/temple you explore before you go to the Star Forge. For SWTOR II, I’d like to hear some talk about Kreia, the Exile, and where things are left at the end of SWTOR II.

Although, I love the idea of how Revan could be the father of Satele Shan, what’s stopping Bioware from going the Anakin Skywalker route where Shmi gets pregnant with him without explanation? Love, your show guys, keep it up!

Thats plain corny going Anakin route. He is the chosen one and was supposed to be different. Satele is descendent of Revan/Basila Shan. Its important carry over for the story.

This game continues KOTOR and a little of KOTOR 2. Remember KOTOR 2 story was not galaxy wide: weird but Obisidian made it that way not Bioware.

Exile and Revan will play part in game and Revan novel.

Huttball is totally the “Bombing Run” game-mode from Unreal Tourney 2003. Surely I can’t be the only person to see this!! The concepts are exactly the same (football + killing + throwing + scoring), except the scoring mechanic is different since it’s not a shooter game.

remember most of the folks you are dealing with here probably hadn’t hit puberty when the old UT games were around.

They actually addressed that on your ship you will have your companions + a droid that will craft for you. It was confirmed a while back I think at E3 2011. So that’s why the bench has as many slots as it does. I think they initially added this in case someone killed ALL their companions…so that they could at least still craft.

Anyway if you search for that quote I am sure you’ll find it. I just gave up looking after about 3 minutes.

I also wanted to say that the KOTOR round table was great and you guys should keep it up. I also played KOTOR like 7 years ago. I recently picked it up on Steam during the summer sale for like 4 dollars! I have played it like crazy but had to deal with some windows 7 related crashes for a while and haven’t played much more since.

I was playing through it because I wanted to be refreshed on the story. However, your round table is perfect because I don’t have time to play through it and it does show it’s age…horribly sometimes.

And about spoilers… I think that if anyone is listening to your podcast and for some reason has not played KOTOR, they are going to be confused when some of these tie-ins happen in SW:TOR. Therefore, they should either play the game SOON… or just get caught up.

Anyways.. you guys keep it up!! Love the show.

Good show guys, joined the wagon rather late comparing to when you’ve started podcasting, but I’m hooked 🙂

Oh, and yea… It’s totally a bombing run making a comeback! UT3… ahhh the memories 😀

When KOTOR first came out I loved it. It was the reason I first bought an X-Box. Over about a year and a half I’d beaten the game 30+ times with every possible combination I could think of. Just 4 months ago I decided to give the old KOTOR a dust-off and downloaded it. After fixing the Windows issues with 7 (not easy) I have mods for it out the yin-yang. A Yoda Jolee Bindo being one of the highlights. I loved this game and the fact you talked about it a bit was a real day-maker for me. Thanks a ton guys!

I loved the KOTOR segment of the podcast … Same as some other people, I don’t have the time to play through KOTOR I and KOTOR II again … and it’s great to have my memory refreshed.
Hope you guys do this again and soon ^^

the hate for SWG is based on kids who couldn’t understand how complex it was and your guests’ hate for jump to lightspeed is easily summed up as “I suck at twitch gaming” JTL is what has kept the game running past the NGE and is still a defining moment in gaming history for the amazing way a flight simulator and integration with the ground game was accomplished.

Don’t be haters on something you never truly experienced.