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MER Episode 39: Pile of Dead Gungans

MER Episode 39: Pile of Dead Gungans

Lots of news and other updates to talk about on this episode. Big topic of this week? Lightning! We discuss the latest Sith Inquisitor video in detail and speculate on the class story. We also talk about what we would like to see Bioware reveal at the upcoming E3 this summer.

In addition we answer your questions in the community discussion segment. We wrap the show up with a new segment called MMO Loser, where we discuss actions certain MMO players make while playing MMOs and debate if they are acceptable or not. Discuss this episode in our forums.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz.

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Discussion Topics
– Sith Inquisitor Update
– E3 2011
– Your Questions
– MMO Loser

31 replies on “MER Episode 39: Pile of Dead Gungans”

I’m afraid to listen to the episode only because I don’t think anything can top the name of it. But my boredom at work will probably right that wrong.

Very nicely done as of late guys. Keep up the good work. You guys rock.

I still have some of mine, with a “Star Wars” long box about half full lol, I don’t recall what is in there, but I still have some damn it, I actually never played any of the card games, I just liked the cards ^_^

I would like to hear what is bothering you with these podcasts. I always enjoy getting feedback. Email me.

I thought it was the funniest episode ever, love mmo loser keep it up. What about the players that try and get in game girlfriends. (not the ones whos girlfriend actualy plays the game with them and they /kiss)

Im a guy and i have a badass female human hunter! Its all good until you get little boys asking to ERP! I wont lie I got tired of the male toons and wanted to create my own female toon so I can have something pretty yet deadly to play with. Of course i made her look like my dream girl =P

Fair bit of “joking” (i hope) hate towards RP’ers in this weeks ep, which was a little disappointing.

Absolutely nothing wrong with guys playing female characters or girls playing guy characters so long as they do not try to take the role out of the character and into the player. I.e female characters player who is a guy generally trying to decieve people that they the player are female etc.. So long as that isn’t the case then there is nothing wrong with it ESPECIALLY on an RP server.

I think the MER hosts need to do a little homework on the meaning of “in character” and “out of character” as it will save them much upset over such issues as guys playing girls etc.. If you only ever play an MMO as you yourself the player and do not “play the Role” of your character (e.g. Role-play) then such things will seem creepy, but they aren’t.

We weren’t bashing RPers at all. I thought we were quite clear on who we were referring to. Let me clarify, we were talking about players who don’t RP but role a character of the opposite sex. Its all tongue and cheek humor. Of t he multiple thousands of hours of MMO experience I have (which I would say is a lot of homework) 95 percent of the time people I play with do not RP at all.

FYI I couldn’t get any link to play past min. 13, downloads only went that far too. I enjoyed the first 13min. 😛 Will check back tomorrow.

Everything is working fine on my end so hopefully you do not run into that problem today. 🙂

Rats I’ve tried it several times with couple a browsers, firefox, chrome, and still getting the same problem. I will check to make sure java and all that is updated. Not sure why that would effect the downloads though. Very strange…I will try IE later today.

Loved the episode. Really liked the opinions on the codex and the lore, personally I love playing games and reading the lore and learning all the back story. If BW did do some sort of reward system for people who read into the lore I would be ecstatic.

You may have figured this out since recording the podcast, but the question referring to the Inquisitor’s glowing eyes was referencing the transition effect when the class disappears into stealth. The last bits of the Inquisitor to fall into shadow are the glowing eyes. I tend to doubt we’ll really see that effect in-game (I think it was added for the benefit of the trailer), but it’s difficult to comprehend how anybody could not love that.

Ok I know what you are talking about. I actually think that was just raw video footage without any effects. There is another example of it in this weeks trooper progression.

Zach, you nailed my name, just to let you know. Gave me a good laugh hearing you struggle to get it out. Thanks for taking my question… I figured you guys wouldn’t know much about most of the ACs considering you guys got limited playtime. I enjoy your show and atleast you guys tooks some questions that were better than “Can you jump?”

Good podcast and I watched the video and I didn’t think it was that bad with the sound. I could hear and understand everything that was said and I didn’t have to adjust the volume. Personally I wouldn’t have picked that music but over all it was watchable and I enjoyed it.

Love this episode especially the title. You guys kick #$%4 ! I have so much to say I don’t know where start. Hopefully you will read all this. LOL
1) Their Star was force into Nova so there home planet was destroy. I forget if it was Exar Kun or Ulric who does it. The Deshade are dead race with few rare individual stilling running around at this time period. Any found will increase a Sith Status with his peers.
2) The SI storyline you start off as a slave that was found to have force power & taken to the Sith Academy. But you still right that it going have amazing potential for story depth Zach.
3) Keep MMO Losers it is ROTFL but I got say my peace on it as veteran MMO player:
Gold Buying: I hate it, destroys free market economic in MMO worlds. That said I had to do it once to stay competitive in Battle Ground. When you start having mounts in Battlegrounds(In Vanilla & BC anyway) it matter a whole lot who gets to objectives first and that little burst speed helps.
Buying Power Leveling: I can spend and hour on this topic alone on how much I hate Buying Power Leveling. Suffice to say I how much fun or care do you really have for the game if you Total Recall a MMO characters by buying Power leveling.
Begging: I had to stealth and stay hidden for 15 min in Ogrimarr once because I gave one beggar 10 gold coins because he gave me a sad story about not having Mount. I was then rush by whole bunch low levels asking me can you please buy me this or can you please give me gold :(. Never again after that but I think it had todo with next topic why they rush me 😉
Opposite Races: haha I laugh so hard because you guys just peg me. For ten years most my mains are females. I am the guy on Vent that say “Hey bro pass me a beer” My main reason is because if I have stare at character avatars for months even years I rather be looking at a women form. Not only that love how my female char beat you down Buffy the Vampire Slayer style and you look like some Male wall of Iron. Oh what you have against Orc Females LOL! they look better as Rogues then the Giant barbarian Male orcs with there giant feet and hands. The daggers look like toothpicks in the Males hands!
Two rules: I don’t RP play as Females and tell everyone up front I am guy.
4) I thought I was the only one who rooted for the Marines! Seriously how can you root for guy that said screw you humanity, stay on your dying homeworld Earth while I get my grove on with a blue elf-like chick
. 5) Chewbacca get’s lonely on those Mos Eisley nights, Jawas come in real handed for him when he can find them 😉

I understand what you are saying about having to do it for BGs. I was a heavy raider and hated how much it was going to cost to try to raid and get everything else I needed. I didn’t notice this being an issue in WoW until BC came out so I don’t know if it was the addition to all of the new things in the game or if they pulled back your gold making abilities in it.

Hey guys!

great show! Loved MMO Loser, but if you are still in the market for a new name, how bout MMO Noob! I think it points back to gaming and in one word explains the utter lack of intelligence about the game being played! You could tagline it like Jeff Foxworthy, ”

You might be an Noob if you…”

Anyway, you guys are doing a great job! Keep it up, and don’t be so hard on yourselves(at least not on air!) 😉

You realize the Inquisitor can run in hack things up with a lightsaber. The Inquisitor is capable of tanking, melee dps, range dps, or heals. It can handle every role, not just a caster.

Anyways, good job. Do miss Brooks though

I like to say well-done guys for keeping the site up and running and having great podcasts.
I know what it’s like when someone leaves the team you feel what’s going to happen and can you put the time into the fan site, but has i said you are doing great job keep it up guys.Has for people who like brooks doing the podcast people must remember thing’s change people come and go,but you guys are great and i have no problem with the podcast.
Long live the kings…Long live the Mos Eisley Radio …:)

I must defend the use of using opposite sex in MMO’s. The first time I did it was when Burning Crusade came out and I so wanted to roll a Blood Elf. I first rolled my gender male & played that character to lvl 10 when I just became incredibly pissed at how girly the male Blood Elf were. I mean I thought to myself you guys are males and your jokes suck all they needed to do to complete this avatars transition was to give them a high pitch version of the Night Elf male death cry. So I rolled a Blood Elf chick. From character creation I liked her cause I thought, This chick I created looks kinda of hot…. now let me go try this again. I expected her to be girly because dah she is a girl & her jokes were way better than her Blood Elf male counterparts. That character ended up becoming the character I got to end game with. I cannot begin to describe how enjoying it was playing with her especially in PVP & kicking ass with her. Dudes would be cry with outburst like “you stupid girl you suck” and the griever in me was just loving it, LOL. My close friends know why I played a Blood Elf female. On WoW it was my only female toon. I had male alliance but grew to hate alliance by the time Burning Crusades came out. Now, I’ll play either or. It depends on game esthetic’s, PVP and class. To me, nothing beats playing a rogue or stealth class as a female avatar to be like, oh yeah my girl just ganked you. Now your dead & flaming on chat, lol 🙂

I also could not get any link to go past 13 mins. Could not download past 15. What’s going on?

Have you tried iTunes? That’s where I get my downloads from. If you wanna try that out, I’ll see what’s happenin’ with the other links.

Sorry about the trouble!

Hey guys! Just want to say fanstastic job once again! Loved the new MMO loser segment and look forward to new additions.

I also want to say that Evan is doing a fantastic job of improving his hosting abilities. I remember in past episodes he wasn’t as active as I would have hoped but it seems to me that hes reaching a nice dynamic with Zach similar to the way he and Brooks used to host.

The parts I loved most about this episode were the bits and pieces of lore and the amount that Evan knew from memory. I like that because it allowed for the me, the listener to really get immersed with the subject matter as it would spark interest in other parts of the SW universe and not just that of TOR. I really enjoyed the card gaming memories portion becuase being born in 93, i sadly missed out on the craze. I really got into Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh dueling and i feel that had i been apart of that era i would have probally been one of the guys to dress up as luke before i went to go play a game. All in all, enjoy when the show brings in other parts of Star Wars and it isn’t just constantly about TOR and recent speculation and opinions. (Don’t take this opinon the wrong way as I am fully aware that this show is about TOR.)

What I think needs improvments for the episodes are the audio transitions that close out the episode. It seems that they start way to early and drag on for 3 to 4 minutes before the actual final stop. It makes it hard for me to focus on the last tidbits of diologue (Yes, i listen to you guys until the last word has been spoken) and the deleted scenes part that usually happens at the end.

Well hope you appreciate the feedback and cant wait to listen to episode 40 after i read the Decieved novel.