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MER Episode 30: Hutt on Hutt

MER Episode 30 - Hutt on Hutt

The past couple of weeks have been extremely exciting for Mos Eisley Radio. We’ve launched two new series, Podcasting in Basic and Open Bounty, and have received some fantastic response from the community thus far. That said, the podcast is still our bread and butter, and this week we sit down to discuss the news and hot topics from the past two weeks. Bioware has confirmed SWTOR’s presence at this year’s PAX East in Boston, and we dig into the possibility of a release date announcement, as well as other expectations for the conference. Also, story keeps rolling in with the addition of the 17th planet, Quesh. This triggers a discussion on planet size, and whether or not it actually matters to most players. Finally, we round everything out with the current status of playable species, and some comments from Lead Writer Daniel Erickson on why we haven’t seen more. Of course, we want you to give us your thoughts by joining the discussion of this episode on the FORUMS!

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Discussion Topics
1/14 – PAX East Announcement
– Update at
– Suggestion thread on the Official Forums
– Xavier’s estimated timeline on the MER Forums
– Stephen Reid’s comments about release schedule on the Official Forums

1/21 – Quesh added as 17th playable planet
– Quesh on the Holonet
– Daniel Erickson discussing planet size at E3 2010

Status of Playable Species
– Original question from Twitter
– Daniel Erickson on designing species on the Official Forums