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Open Bounty Episode 1: Trooper Talk

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Hey everyone! Last week we launched the first part of a new series on how we create the show, called “Podcasting in Basic”. The response so far has been great, and I’m looking forward to developing that series over the coming weeks and months.

Today, we’re even MORE jazzed to show you the pilot episode of the video project we have been developing over the past couple of months. The series is called “Open Bounty” and will feature the two of us, and possibly other guests, discussing various topics related to The Old Republic. This is more than your average video podcast, however, and we’re looking to YOU to help us shape the direction of the show. We’ve been carefully listening to the community’s call for more video content, and we expect Open Bounty to set a standard for SWTOR. Watch below.

In this pilot episode we take a close look at the Trooper and how this heavily armed class will fit into The Old Republic.

4 replies on “Open Bounty Episode 1: Trooper Talk”

This is great. Thank you for starting Open Bounty. Another great way for me to stay hooked up onto this amazing game! good job.

Great stuff guys! Heard about you from the FAN FRIDAY update and now im trying to catch up on all the pod casts and vids. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to do this!