Jan 14

Podcasting In Basic: Creating an SWTOR Podcast

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Podcasting In Basic

Easily the most common question we have received since posting the first episode of Mos Eisley Radio is “How do you make the podcast?” From deciding which gear is best to planning each individual show, a lot of effort has gone into crafting the final product that goes out every couple of weeks. We’ve been podcasting in some form or another since 2007, and in that time the equipment and methods have changed drastically. I can still remember rushing out to buy my first real microphone and interface, then struggling through the process of recording everyone and making the show sound like something worth listening to.

That’s the thing…we’ve had those experiences, and we felt like now was the time to share our knowledge of podcasting with fansites and guilds who are looking to start their own. Today we’re very excited to announce a new series dedicated specifically to starting your first TOR podcast, called “Podcasting in Basic”. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be releasing info on everything from microphone choice to editing audio to getting a show listed in iTunes. For those of you not interested in creating a show, we hope this will be, at the very least, an interesting look at the inner-workings of Mos Eisley Radio. However for the folks looking to start a podcast dedicated to SWTOR (or any other topic, for that matter), we hope this will be a go-to resource.

For the first installment, we’ve put together a video overview that covers the basics of the MER podcasting rig. This is just a high-level look at the way the show is recorded, and you can expect much more detail in coming posts.

We also want to note that all of these posts will be available for syndication through the TOR Syndicate.


5 Responses

  1. HereticZero says:

    Awesome! I’m currently about as far as having a regular headset/mic and I have audacity downloaded. 😛 Hopefully I’ll have things figured out before launch so I can get my podcasts out for my guild.

  2. sithOlorin says:

    i look forward to catching your show(s)… am a major MMO player, and have found your info on SWToR, the most reliable and deff the most entertaining..

  3. dunagrad says:

    You guys have a really professional looking show. I am extremely impressed. I guess one of my questions is, what’s your day job and how do you support Mos Eisley radio because I don’t see any adds on your website and it has to take a lot of time to get this thing put together. Excellent job gentlemen.

  4. Lidell says:

    I love your shows, you have to have the best production value of all the SWTOR Podcasts, do all the others have the equipment you do? Frankly, I imagined others to be much simpler with Microphones and headsets and much simpler software. I’ve wanted to make a podcast of my own for awhile now and this video will be a great help in getting started (if I ever do), you’re providing an excellent service, keep up the great work!

  5. Ryan says:

    Nice podcast, I usually listen to you all while I’m surfing on the swtor forums. Look forward to more. I hope your wife is doing okay, definitely pray for her second degree burns.


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