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MER Episode 29: Forum Assault

MER Episode 29 - Forum Assault

Happy TOR Year! Outside of some catastrophic delay to 2012, in mere months it’s very likely that we’ll each be rolling our very first toons in The Old Republic. We start the year off right by diving into some questions from listeners about servers, advanced classes, the official forums, and even the lore-heavy world of lightsaber crystals.

The advantages of PVP versus PVE servers were laid out right alongside the decision we would have to make at level 10 if the advanced class choices remain permanent. Based on replies from questions sent out via Twitter, we also take a hard look at the state of the official forums and why most of our listeners tend to avoid them. While we didn’t have it in time for the official show, be sure to check the notes below for an official word from the Senior Online Community Manager, Stephen Reid. The podcast is rounded out this week with some observations about lightsaber crystals and whether or not Jedi or Sith players should be able to choose any color of the rainbow. As always, we would love for you to join the discussion of this episode on the FORUMS

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Discussion Topics
PVE versus PVP Servers
– Confirmation of various server types at
– Could niche server types be a viable choice for SWTOR?
– Discussion of preference for PVP or PVE servers

Trooper Dossier
– Class update at
– Do these updates appeal to fans who only want to play a Force-based class?
– How a permanent advanced class choice affects new players and MMO veterans

Do You Use the Official Forums?
– Official forum thread that sparked the discussion at
– Are the forums too intimidating or frustrating?
– Discussion of “Best Podcast” thread and the bashing that resulted
– Official thoughts from Stephen Reid, “We don’t expect every fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic to visit the official forums, and never will. That’s why we try to ensure there are a variety of places a fan can visit or keep track of – like Facebook and Twitter – so they can keep up to date with the game. With such an active pre-launch community the forums are very busy, but we’re working hard to make them an informative and useful place to visit for those who want to really immerse themselves in the community.”

Should lightsaber colors be limited by class?
– Forum thread from the MER Forums
– Info about lightsaber crystals at Wookiepedia
– Does the marketing for the game so far support the lore established by KOTOR?
– Distinction of class by armor instead of lightsaber/blaster color