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MER Episode 28: Speaking Massively

MER Episode 28 - Speaking Massively

Publishing a podcast two weeks in a row? Unprecedented! But given the holiday spirit (and the finale of Brooks’ collegiate career), it seemed fitting to put out a brand new episode. This week we’re joined by the SWTOR Editor over at Massively, Larry Everett. He’s been following The Old Republic just as long as we have (most of you should be familiar with his “Hyperspace Beacon” column), and for some reason it took us this long to have him as a guest.

Of course, this week was also saw the lifting of the embargo on information regarding the Jedi Knight, Consular, and the Jedi homeworld of Tython, dubbed Jedi Immersion day, that a few members of the press were shown back in November. Keeping with our recent trend, we used some of the bigger topics as basis for discussion about the current state of SWTOR and what the new info means for folks following the game. For some of the finer details, we’ve added links below. Amidst the new Jedi info we also cover everything from the control schemes used for DC Universe Online to the Sidekicking system in City of Heroes. Needless to say, we wandered a bit, but we think you’ll love the discussion Don’t forget to join us on the forums as well to give us your thoughts!

We want to offer a big thanks to Publius Varrus, Sergio Romero, and TheOutlandr for taking the time to leave us reviews on iTunes.

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Discussion Topics
DC Universe Online
– Jedi Immersion Day at Massively,, and Darth Hater
– City of Heroes “Sidekick” system