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MER Episode 27: Brooks’ Complete Lack of Understanding

MER Episode 27 - Brooks' Complete Lack of Understanding

We asked for details about game mechanics, and Bioware answered with almost an entire month dedicated to The Old Republic’s crafting system, which will henceforth be referred to as “Crew Skills”. While on the surface the solution may seem simple, this is actually a very deep system that took us, well, mostly Brooks, a fair amount of time to wrap our heads around. Once we had things figured out, though, we ventured into some great discussions about what it means to be a crafter and the impacts that this system will have on how players interact not only with the crafting system, but with their companions as well. Also, since the both of us have just recently starting playing World of Warcraft again, we talk a bit about this week’s launch of Cataclysm and what Bioware stands to learn from the work Blizzard has done.

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