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MER Episode 26: Date Night

MER Episode 26 - Date Night

We’re back! The past month has given us some much-needed time to get caught up on our lives outside of the podcast, as well as make some decisions about the future direction of Mos Eisley Radio. Helping implement the first round of changes are very special guests, Kathy and Carla of Corellian Run Radio. The four of us had an absolute blast discussing the past month’s updates, including the most recent announcements regarding Warzones and Bioware’s decision to revisit the Jedi Wizard name. We also take a look into what all the fuss was about EA Louse, and the effects the situation has had on the community at large. Listen in and join us on the forums to discuss your thoughts!

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News from the Galactic Republic
10/29 – Imperial Agent Class Update
– Update at
– Imperial Agent trailer

10/08 – Ilum announced as 16th playable planet
– Ilum on the HoloNet

10/15 – The Exar Kun War Timeline Video
– Timeline update with full text at

11/05 – Warzone Update and Video
– Official update at
– EA Winter Showcase details at Darth Hater
– Dissection of the video at Darth Hater

11/05 – Vote to rename the Jedi Wizard
– Official update at
– Voting is open until December 2nd!

Community Discussion
The response to the EA Louse debacle
– Matt “Fo Diggity”‘s response at
– Larry Everett’s response at