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MER Episode 26 Community Discussion: Debacles

MER Episode 26 Community Discussion: Debacles


I know it’s taken us a little bit longer than we had originally intended to get this out to everyone, but given the subject matter, we wanted to make sure we were approaching the topic with as much knowledge as possible. Of course, I’m talking about the EA Louse debacle that popped up a couple of weeks ago. Well, that’s sort of what I’m talking about.

Anyone who has been following the community goings-on as of late will know that most of what was said in the rant in regards to TOR is pure conjecture with absolutely no basis in fact. What sparked my attention, and also the attention of TOROcast’s Fodigg in his most recent “Don’t Be Surprised If…” column, is the inability for fans to defend our MMO of choice against the naysayers that came creeping out of the dark depths of the internet. Now is a very popular time to predict that The Old Republic is going to be a massive failure because of the lack of firm announcements regarding core game mechanics beyond the Fourth Pillar. The “Bioware, I’m rooting for you, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot” thread has about 2000 replies and over 45,000 views. This is obviously a hot button issue.

Our question to you this week is a bit more general than it has been previously, but I feel that this topic warrants more of a 30,000 foot discussion rather than nit-picking certain issues. We want to know where you stand on the amount of information released beyond story and lore. A lot of people would love to see more about combat systems or crafting, but we’re curious to know why you’ve developed that viewpoint. Would knowing how PVP is going to work now affect your choice to play the game at launch 6 months from now? Or are you simply frustrated that you can’t come up with an answer for “Why should I play The Old Republic?” from friends and guildmates? Of course, any viewpoints in between are also extremely welcome.

As always, we would LOVE for you to join us on the forums, but you can also send an email or an MP3 reply to [email protected]. Thanks to everyone who’s continued to give us Twitter and Website plugs in our absence, and I can assure you we’re both incredibly excited to record the new show! Keep an eye out for it soon, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.