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MER Episode 24 Community Discussion: Space Stories

MER Episode 24 Community Discussion: Space Stories

It’s that time again for a community discussion topic! The week before each episode we put up a short audio clip detailing the new topic. We then want you to send us your thoughts either through the forums, email, or in the form of an mp3. When it comes time to record the episode, we will pull some of your comments and use them as a basis for discussion on the show. So, now for this week’s question…

There has been a lot of recent news regarding Bioware’s direction for space combat in The Old Republic. With the PC Gamer article and the short trailer shown off at GamesCom, we’ve been given a small insight into the very guided, yet highly cinematic experiences the team has planned. There are many details yet to come, but the biggest one we’re looking forward to is how space is going to fit into our personal stories, as well as the larger world arcs. Will space be a completely set apart side experience that bears no meaning on how characters develop or will the missions provide important context for the quest lines we will find ourselves following? Of course, the development team has yet to show us, but we’re incredibly curious to hear YOUR expectations for how space will fit into your experience.
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