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MER Episode 24: Suggestion: Do a barrel roll!

MER Episode 24 - Suggestion: Do a barrel roll!

After taking an extra week to get used to new schedules and make sure we can talk about PAX as soon as possible, we’re back with a brand new episode of Mos Eisley Radio! This week we get caught up on all the details about space combat, the reveal of the previously unknown advanced classes, and all of the juicy bits so far revealed from last weekend in Seattle. We also get to discuss the community discussion topic about how space will fit into story, and we greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to share their thoughts. There is still a lot of information from PAX Prime to be revealed, so you can be sure it will be a major topic in episode 25!

We want to offer a big thanks to Zabalth, Reddog DL, Sgt Invincible, and Almighty Cow for taking the time to leave us reviews on iTunes.

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News from the Galactic Republic
8/17 – Space Combat Trailer
-Trailer at
-Dissection of the video at Darth Hater
-Glimpse at the unannounced space ships
-Described as “tube-shooter” at PAX

8/20 – Starships added to the Holonet
-Starships at

8/20 – Advanced Classes Revealed
-Fan Friday update at
-Controversy over a few of the names, particularly the “Jedi Wizard”, addressed by Blaine Christine

9/4 – Pax Prime 2010
-Revan backstory introduced via a new trailer at
-HK-47 returns to grace all of us meatbags with his presence
-Zabrak Trooper shown off both at GamesCom and PAX
-Possible “PvPvE” instances / warzones shown off in presentation video (starts about 6:50)

Stories From the Outer Rim
Community Discussion – Space Storytelling
RaginKage – “I think space missions and combat is a needed spice for the main dish. I am not a pilot nut with gaming but I have and can have fun with it.”

Steiny – “I just can’t see this game having a required space line because I imagine the graphics to handle some space exploration and when a battle takes place to be intense. Its going to be pretty hard for a computer not up to par to run it. Bioware I’m sure has thought of this and doesn’t want to frustrate a paying customer because at launch they need that person. “

Adaram – “Dragon Age Origins is another Bioware game that uses “random encounters” while traveling from place to place. I am not necessarily a huge fan of these, and would love an option to bypass them should they exist, however, it seems “possible” that Bioware could do something like this in SWTOR. Of the three, I think this one is the least likely (I hope it is, anyway).”

Limess – “I believe that Space will fit into our story arcs, but not in the way most people are thinking. What I want, and what I really hope they’ll implement, is Space Combat being a bridge between quests/flashpoints/large group encounters etc.”

Politely – Audio clip about “show vs. tell”