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MER Episode 23 Community Discussion: Class Restrictions

MER Episode 23 Community Discussion: Class Restrictions

It’s that time again for a community discussion topic! We’re both incredibly excited to get back to the gritty details of the most recent news, some rumors, and most importantly, what you guys and gals are thinking about The Old Republic. For anyone new to MER (or in case you have forgotten), here’s how the community discussion topic works: The week before each episode we will put up a short audio clip detailing the new topic. We then want you to send us your thoughts either through the forums, email, or in the form of an mp3. When it comes time to record the episode, we will pull some of your comments and use them as a basis for discussion on the show. So, now for this week’s question…

The recent announcement of the four new playable species for The Old Republic has brought to a head the conversation about non-human species being limited to specific classes. For example, this past week we learned that the Zabrak will be able to force-lightning their way through the game as Sith Inquisitors, and the blind Miraluka can force-feel their way through the world as Jedi Knight. While it has been announced that there are many details missing, including more race/class combinations, two primary schools of thought have come to light on this subject: Those who want a completely open system to create and customize their character exactly as they see fit, and those who defer to Bioware’s judgment. A strong argument for the latter is the possibility of some very detailed class stories based specifically on the history of a given species.
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