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MER Episode 22: Extra Lives

MER Episode 22 - Extra Lives

Continuing with our summer of amazing guests, this week Scott Johnson of The Instance and the FrogPants network of shows joins us to discuss all things SWTOR! We take another step back to discuss what makes a great gaming podcast, whether or not Bioware has the formula in place to make a fantastic game (hint: they do!), parenting and MMOs, and in general completely geek out on our most anticipated game of the next year. We also hit the recent news, including the announcement of ship combat at Comic-Con 2010 and the newest playable planet (which is actually a moon), Nar Shaddaa.

Also, stick around after the show is over to hear us geek out even more on what we’ve been playing (mostly Starcraft II) and some of the games we’re looking forward to in the coming months.

We want to offer a big thanks to Rel82aStarkiller, Mesirav Darkcrest, Kathy from Corellian Run Radio, camensmasher, Robhellboy, and Lordhammer from Guild Umbra for taking the time to leave us reviews on iTunes.

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News from the Galactic Republic
7/23 – Beyond Solo panel at Comic-Con 2010
-Video of the panel at GameSpot
-Space Combat announced!
-Ship customization confirmed (to what extent we have no idea)
-Darth Hater interview with Drew Karphyshyn touched on the difficulty for writing stories about established groups
-Re-emphasized race/class restrictions

7/30 – Nar Shaddaa Announced as the 14th playable planet (but actually a moon!)
-Nar Shaddaa at the Holonet
-Nar Shaddaa at Wookiepedia
-A moon of Nal Hutta
-Hutts displaced the Evocii when they settled Hutta in 15,000BBY. Evocii were not free until 4,000BBY
-Ecumenopolis (city-planet) similar to Coruscant, but dominated by crime cartels
-Upper levels filled with palaces and every indulgence one could think of
-Lower levels a place for slavery and crime
-Hutts and the Exchange syndicate (the Hutt’s only true rival) made a killing by profiteering during the Great Galactic War,
-The Exchange at Wookiepiedia (Calo Nord worked for them in KOTOR)