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MER Episode 21 Community Discussion: Did Bioware deliver at E3?

MER Episode 21 Community Discussion: Did Bioware deliver at E3?

You’re probably asking yourself, “It’s been two weeks, where is the new show??”. Well, with con season in full swing, the news cycle from Bioware starts to slow down and instead of putting out a show where we only discuss a few topics, we feel it’s better to let the news pile up a bit and then really tackle it with some great, in-depth discussion.

Speaking of discussion, we want to bring back the polls we did for a while in the form of community discussions. So here’s how it’s going to work: The week before each episode we will put up a short audio clip detailing the new topic. This could range anywhere from a piece of news released from Bioware or some ridiculous rumor we heard floating around the web. We then want you to send us your thoughts either through email or, preferably, on the forums. When it comes time to record the episode, we will pull some of your comments and use them as a basis for discussion on the show. Simple enough, right? Here’s the question for this week…

The overall reaction from Bioware’s showing at E3 has been mixed. Some people, like us, were incredibly excited by the Hope trailer, player ships, and the small bits we saw of warzones. On the other hand, a lot of folks were disappointed with the conference. We want to know what your impressions were. Did Bioware do a good job showing off their work or could they have done much more. We’re also curious to know what you are looking forward to hearing at conferences like Comic-Con, GamesCom, and PAX in a couple of months.
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