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MER Episode 21: Totally Rad

MER Episode 21 - Totally Rad

After taking an extended break to recover from the post-E3 blues, we’re joined this week by Totally Rad Show and Weekend Confirmed host Jeff Cannata! Jeff helps us to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Mos Eisley Radio by taking a step back to look at Bioware’s place in the MMO genre and what steps they need to take for The Old Republic to appeal to gamers of all backgrounds.

We also cover the most recent news, including the very popular music and sound updates which take a look at the original music being composed specifically for SWTOR. All that and more inside!

We want to offer a big thanks to Stoufers, Gnome Comsky, Greghummel, Tekjedi, Yulis, Yoday, Force Almighty, Redtear, RedEightyNine, DacobaTar, Eduardo B., CRR_Carla, Machin Shin, Cade Rahl, Tangero 2325, Communist Robot, and RTS_Austin for taking the time to leave us reviews on iTunes.

Music for this show was provided by General Fuzz. Check out more of his work at

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Stories From the Outer Rim
Did Bioware deliver at E3 2010?
“I think much of the disappointment that many people were feeling was due to miss communication between Sean Dahlberg and some of the forum goers. Not so much the actual quality, or amount of the released content.” -Xavier

“What I don’t want them to do is what Blizzard has done with Cataclysm and point out a whole list of features that they later can from game due to it not working or possible abuse, etc etc. Which so far they’ve done.. but has also been the curse for us all since we want more details.” – RokaImo

News from the Galactic Republic
Music of the Old Republic
-Developer Dispatch at
-Conductor interview at Gamespot
-Fantastic new shots of almost all the planets, particularly Dromund Kaas, Tatooine, and Hoth
-Inquisitor (possibly of a new race) shown meeting with a Dashade
-Trooper seen with a Tauntaun
-Dewback, landspeeders, and speeder bikes
-Dispatch finishes with a Bounty Hunter speeding past a small home on Tatooine
-Gamespot video shows a closeup of the background score of Corellia

Conference Season 2010
-Comic-Con details at
-Don’t forget to participate in the social network special reveal!
-SWTOR on Facebook
-SWTOR on Twitter

Game Testing Officially Underway
-Announcement at
-Game Testing Portal
-Official stance on leaks at Darth Hater