Aug 25

Game Session: Star Wars LCG

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Game Sessions returns. Zach and former MER host Evan Lewis sit down and relearn how to play FFG’s hit game Star Wars: The Card Game.

May 14

Game Sessions: Star Wars LCG

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Zach and Christian play a game of Star Wars: LCG from Fantasy Flight.

May 14

XP – SimCity Challenge

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Zach, Brooks and Christian set out to see who can build the best self-sustaining city in EA’s popular SimCity game. This content was originally made for a different website however future episodes will be made specifically for Mos Eisley Radio.

Aug 14

New 1313 Trailer

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1313 Trailer

There’s a finally some new footage for Star Wars: 1313. Take a look at this newest trailer, courtesy of IGN.

For the most part, this is just a minute and a half of footage that we’ve already seen, only re-cut. There are little bits of new footage interspersed throughout the video, most notably the wide shot of the actual level 1313 of Coruscant. I cannot wait to explore this place!

Level 1313

Still, this trailer really bothers me for the same reason that most Hollywood trailers annoy me these days. Too many jump-cuts, the “robot fart” sound effect that seems to be a prerequisite to all trailers these days, and the fade to black before a big action sequence. It’s like there’s only one guy in the world making every action/sci-fi movie trailer, and now he’s invaded the gaming world too.

Aug 13

The Chevin Are Coming!

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The Chevin are Coming

We just received an email from Bioware that seems to be teasing the upcoming world event: The Grand Acquisitions Race. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

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