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MER Episode 89: Twelve Parsecs Or Less

Happy Life Day! Sure we may have missed Christmas by a day, but if I’m not too mistaken Wookiee Life Day is December 26th! Yeah, I just made that up… To repay your patience, we have a great new MER for you, full of SWTOR news, some LCG news, and a whole lot of the X-Wing Kessel Run tournament!

Come celebrate the holidays with friends you didn’t know you had over at the official MER forums! RPG talk, X-Wing squad composition, card games; they’re all being talked about right this very second!

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Discussion Topics
– New Legacy comics coming in 2013!
– Get Your Edge of the Empire Beginner Box Now!
– Edge of the Empire Free DLC!
– SWTOR’s Life Day Celebration
– Rise of the Hutt Cartel Announced!
– Kessel Run Tournament Recap

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5 replies on “MER Episode 89: Twelve Parsecs Or Less”

Hi! Nice to hear you cover the FFG game. Got my beginner game last Friday, been reading through and playing with real non-sticky dice! 🙂

The Hired-Gun is the soldier class, and Bounty Hunter too could easily be a soldier class. In one of my groups I have an assassin and gadgeteer – they are beard! Although the droid Pilot also kicks ass in combat (due to an agility of 5 I guess). Even the scoundrel and medic kicks ass in combat, last session the medic decided to even put a rank in Ranged (heavy).

Check out my site/blog too btw, I’ve started converting old d20 and d6 material in two supplements; Free-Traders and Bootleggers’ Catalogue; and Known Threats at the Edge of the Empire. Disclaimer: its all unofficial and home-brewed.

The former contains tons of transports and gear that players would want to get their hands on. I’ve added new attachmets for both weapons, armour and starships.
The latter contains starships of the empire and the rebellion – both can be opponents to the players in a smuggler/pirate campaign. Additionally I’ve gone through the old Rules of Engagement supplement for D6 and converted various types of imperial troops, added some generic mercenary stats and rebel soldier stats. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated 🙂

Nothing wrong with homebrew stuff. Some of my favorite rules/NPCs/ships I used back when I played the WEG system were all custom stuff I found perusing the internet oh so long ago. I used to have a Trapper Keeper (yup, a Trapper Keeper) full of custom rules that I had printed off the web.

I prefer the homebrew too, I remember starting looking for stuff online – although back then I made most of my own stuff as internet was slow and cost lots more over here… the first dark side villain was a Jawa Sith with a “lightscythe” … yep. *shudder* I still have some of that stuff, alas no longer in a ring binder where it used to be.

Also, there was a Kessel Run Tournament at Saltire Games, on the east side of Indy on that Sunday.

Evan, that was me (the second match) you were refering to. 🙂
I fielded: Vader w/ Swarm, Howlrunner w/ Swarm, 3 Academy Pilots, and an Obsidian Pilot. I tried to play it like a friend of mine (the Worlds Tournament champion) right down to the starting formation. The idea was to keep everyone close to Howlrunner, and go from there.
It was a great time. Thanks for a good game.

I stayed close to end of the final match. I wish I could have taken some pictures (with my phone), but it was low on power. 🙁

As for the Wave 2 “named” pilots, I’m looking to try out Arvel Crynyd — he’s the only pilot that can attack an enemy that he is “touching”.

Well, in the next episode (if I ever finish editing) we talk about the story behind all those awesome Wave 1 pilots you killed me with!

Glad you’re here, by the way!

Okay, now, back to work…