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MER Episode 88: So Long And Thanks For All The Coins

MER 88

After finally awakening from their turkey-induced comas, Leo and Evan return with all the gaming news and commentary you didn’t even realize you’d been missing! Of course, the biggest news since last episode was the launch of The Old Republic’s free-to-play model and the community’s reaction to it. Also, Leo will enthrall the listeners with his tale of attending the first X-Wing Miniatures World Championship weekend at the Fantasy Flight Event Center last month!

Editor’s note: Within the week following this recording, Evan has decided to give SWTOR another go with the good people of the TORWars Guild over on the Shadowlands server. His final judgement has yet to be decided, in case you were wondering.

Come join in the conversation over at the official Mos Eisley Radio forums! Don’t play SWTOR anymore? That’s alright; there’s plenty more to talk about!

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Discussion Topics
– Beta Updates For Edge of the Empire Have Ended
– Some Upcoming Releases From FFG
– Opinions on Free2Play & PTS Patch 1.6
– Leo’s X-Wing World Championship Weekend
– Dissecting The SW Living Card Game

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz