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MER Episode 88: So Long And Thanks For All The Coins

MER 88

After finally awakening from their turkey-induced comas, Leo and Evan return with all the gaming news and commentary you didn’t even realize you’d been missing! Of course, the biggest news since last episode was the launch of The Old Republic’s free-to-play model and the community’s reaction to it. Also, Leo will enthrall the listeners with his tale of attending the first X-Wing Miniatures World Championship weekend at the Fantasy Flight Event Center last month!

Editor’s note: Within the week following this recording, Evan has decided to give SWTOR another go with the good people of the TORWars Guild over on the Shadowlands server. His final judgement has yet to be decided, in case you were wondering.

Come join in the conversation over at the official Mos Eisley Radio forums! Don’t play SWTOR anymore? That’s alright; there’s plenty more to talk about!

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Discussion Topics
– Beta Updates For Edge of the Empire Have Ended
– Some Upcoming Releases From FFG
– Opinions on Free2Play & PTS Patch 1.6
– Leo’s X-Wing World Championship Weekend
– Dissecting The SW Living Card Game

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz

12 replies on “MER Episode 88: So Long And Thanks For All The Coins”

Kinda disappointing in where this podcast is going. Many of the information you talk about the cartel market is plain incorrect. There is armor with purple mods in them. You can completely play ALL the stories as a freeper/preferred status and not only that but they are increasing character slots and quickbars. Cartel market is meant to have many fluff, fun items and most people are happy with where the game is going. Free to play is mainly for new players or people who just want to enjoy the stories without the multiplayer aspect because of the many limitations. They are developing revamped ilum for march, adding wzs and ops in updates, creating a big content update with makeb which has more story and cathar, and they are also developing “secret space project” which is a total revamp of space combat. The game is going up guys, obviously you guys have a right to your opinions as its obvious you don’t/never enjoyed the game so you won’t enjoy free to play. I really enjoyed Ossus Academy and love your star wars EU info and table top games, but when you talk about TOR you need to at least have your facts straight.

Yes, this was a very negative podcast about the SWTOR content. I’m not a fan of the Cartel packs and having to rely on luck to get the best items, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with the Cartel Market. BW is listening to players and giving more quickbars and character slots to preferred players. I too really enjoyed Ossus Academy and wish OA would come back as a regular podcast or segment of a podcast.

Don’t mean for my comment to sound harsh, i really enjoy the podcast i mean its free you guys can talk about whatever you want, but perhaps instead of discussing negativity of TOR discuss more EU or ep 7 speculation.

Believe me, if this secret space project is as awesome as I hope, I’ll be the first to come back. But there’s no denying that this latest space update was pointless and lazy. It was very disappointing.

Right now REAL space combat and continuing my main’s story are all I really care about anymore. Until I can do either of those, I’m not going to waste my money on a game I’m not enjoying. I understand why you and others still enjoy the game, but I just can’t do it anymore.

Don’t mean to be a dick, but have you listened to previous eps? We get accused of felating BioWare Austin. Plus, read the editor’s note. I’ve been playing the game a lot since we recoded this Ep, but we’re certainly not going to apologize for our honest opinions.

I’d encourage all the naysayers to go back and listen to the last nine episodes and read the comments that have been made about those ones. Leo had been enjoying the game since day one and I’ve recently come back and I’m enjoying myself immensely. Disagreeing with us does not make you right and us wrong.

Not saying you have to apologize you are entitled to your own opinions. I’m just sick of hearing negativity surrounding the game considering at least now they got past this whole free to play debacle they seem to have some direction. I love the podcast and appreciate you guys taking the reigns as you two were my favorite in the original lineup anyway because we are fellow true SW geeks. Basically I kinda criticized you guys in more of a “heat of the moment” defense mechanism because I feel like the game is over that point. And I do totally understand your criticisms of the game its FAR from perfect but I feel like the disappointment phase is over at this point.

lol No worries. We all take the things we love seriously. I am, in fact, back on and I’ve been up until 1am, 2am, and as late as 3am playing on Shadowlands server. I’m actually spending all my cartel coins (2500 when i re-upped) on XP boosts. Spent nearly all day Saturday playing, too.

Do let us know your specific thoughts on the game, though. We always want to hear from our listeners. The negative ones just seem louder than the positive ones sometimes. Send us an email with your thoughts on the state of the game and we’ll give it our full attention.

Thanks! – Evan

That’s great to hear. Glad you are enjoying the game. Hopefully bioware delivers on some of the big stuff now! I haven’t done HK51 as im leveling a new character as well but I heard it was great content and had an original KOTOR vibe.

It’s just stupid how they tried to intoduce a f2p model and then made all the endgame content only rentable…

I didn’t care so much about the quickbars or character slots. I was able to unlock bars (which I did) for money, and I have to assume character slots would have also been unlockable later.

They fixed the 2 things that were the least of the problems in the long term with their model.

I spent $70 in the first week. I am willing to buy content. I am not willing to rent content – the whole point of f2p models.

Permanent endgame content unlocks required.

Good show guys. 🙂

Some of Evan’s earlier comments reminded me of exactly what Gary Gannon (the host of ‘The Republic’ SWTOR webcast, over on GamebreakerTV) has been saying all along about Bioware’s FTP model : that basically, all of the truly successful FTP games on the market worked by providing a non-restrictive environment, that players felt comfortable in, and not pressured into paying all the time. This meant that they enjoyed the experience, got attached to their characters, and would want to purchase additional content to either define themselves as separate from players, or to make their game experience more convenient somehow… unlike SWTOR, which basically cripples the FTP experience to the point where subscription is virtually unavoidable in order escape frustrating handicaps to a person’s enjoyment.

Unlike FOX News… this episode was indeed, “fair and balanced”.


– D