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MER Episode 87: A Great Disturbance In The Force

Last week the MER crew assembled for an emergency session to discuss the dramatic events surrounding the acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd. by the Disney Corporation. Evan will act as your moderator and referee as JD, Zach, and Leo go back and forth on the last thirty years, last week’s announcement, and the future of our beloved franchise.

Let your voice be heard over at the MER forums and tell us why you disagree with everything we have to say!

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Discussion Topics
– The State of Lucasfilm Leading Up To Now
– The Marvel Parallel
– Goodbye, Dark Horse; We’ll Miss You
– Episode VII and Other Tales
– Our Wish Lists

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz

3 replies on “MER Episode 87: A Great Disturbance In The Force”

1) About the prequels – I mostly agree. Although, looking back at how the film was actually received it is obvious that the internet-trolls affect us all more than we’d like to admit. Granted the films are not good – pretty much down to George Lucas’ poor writing and directing, and the awful casting of Hayden (and whats his face?) as Anakin and Sam Jackson as Mace Windu. The story is still pretty good, the films look good, the action is semi-exciting if very predictable. Yet the directing and script is the issue, that and some choice actors.

2) Star Wars: The Old Republic – what you’re arguing is mainly the internet-trolls naysaying… arguments like “too early” – its a moot point, no mmo-game released is flawless, and while its down to taste whether you enjoy or like a game or no – saying that this game is bad, and basically voicing the “concerns” of a bunch of whining naysayers is sad to listen too. Sure, certain functions and options should be “default” in this day and age, I still think the game is good: good stories, good flashpoints, good ops, even pvp is enjoyable sometimes. Sure, not tons of end-game material at release, but what do you expect for a first time release? I think, if one is reasonable, that the game has had success, at least moderately so. Sure people flee to other games, but that is hardly a new phenomenon. In the hyper-reality we live in few people still have the attention span to stay focused on one thing for long, before some new and shiny thing comes along tempting us…

3) Leo’s argument about Lucas grabbing more money – that was pretty apparent with the release of RotJ in 1983 already, not a very new idea or argument. That movie was fun, but a money making move, just like the increased releases of books, comics, games in the 1990s, and the special editions was fun, but again, a money grabbing move.

4) Related to the above. Lucas has made four of the six star wars films “alone”, IV, I, II and III – V and VI are written and directed by other people, yes GL wasn’t left out of the making, but writers and directors were hired to do the job, edit and make sure a good product came out. It was even GL himself that hired these people. V and VI are by far the best films, in my opinion (and he had the least to do with those films), whereas IV is mediocre at best, but gains fame for being the first and original – it is less of a good movie, more of an impressive one really. You see the trend here?

5) Dave Filoni managed to mess up the Mandalorians and Mandalore – but sure, he isn’t doing bad, it’s a good series.

-So the change isn’t that great, except we have all grown older, and there is a lot of new competition for SW when trying to catch the attention of the kids nowadays.

6) Hoth was filmed at Finse, in Norway. At least parts of the outside scenes.

Oh, and by the way, on the question about EU … while I’m a EU fan, having read almost all of the books – I don’t mind them ignoring the whole deal. It’s not like it really matters. As a table-top roleplayer for some 20 years, Star Wars is a gaming and escapist universe for me. I’d rather have something brand new, than a poor presentation or re-write of existing EU material to fit the big screen. If that means no Thrawn, sure, no problem, he’s cool, but I’m not sure I’d like to see him being poorly written, directed and cast in a mediocre film. Therefore I hope they ignore as much of the bad EU stuff – Anderson and Denning being the biggest perpetrators, with the odd authors writing but one book or short series – and even some of the good stuff, if it means not being messed up by poor acting, writing, casting and directing. I like me books! Let the films be something else, and NEW!

Me, being a “Gen 1” Star Wars geek, I adore the Original Trilogy. I would pop in a copied version of Episode IV (recorded from CBS TV in the early 80s) everytime I stayed home from school *cough*sick*cough*. I owned a good portion of the toys (hey! I was seven years old, so yeah, I opened ’em). My mom even brought some of them to my school during recess in an old briefcase. A lot of my friendships, even to this day, revolves around the Original Trilogy. So I have fond memories of the OT.

I like the “Special Editions” for the added scenes, and cleaning up of the films that; at the time was 20 years old. The thing that gets me every time is Greedo shooting first . . . at point-blank range even. But that’s a rant for a differnt time.

As for Episodes I – III, I like them . . . for what they are — a beginning. Don’t get me started on Jar Jar. I get why he was added, for the kids who grew up with the “Special Editions”, and some “being” who ended up over his head when he was appointed to represent the Gungan people in the Senate.

With the sale of LucasFilm to disney, I’m currently in a “wait ‘n see” mode from being frantic surprised at first hearing the news of the sale. As for Episodes VII – IX, I’m still hoping to see the “Heir to the Empire” Trilogy, but I’m open to see what eventually comes out. That said, I would like to see the “episodic” films continue to be live-action, where all other possible films in the Star Wars universe, from the Old Republic to the New Republic, et al be an animated feature/series.

To quote Yoda, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” So we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen. I’ll just say this in closing, if Disney choses to screw the fans in any capacity, they will have to deal with millions upon millions of money-holding geeks; who are quite intelligent when it comes to the Star Wars universe. We’ll find another outlet for our Star Wars geekdom. Hell hath no fury than a geek scorned.