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MER Episode 81: Arts & Crafts

We are back with another great episode filled with enough news to fill a space freighter! Aside from the news, we’ve got a special new segment on the fine art of crafting in SWTOR, with lessons being given by long-time friend of the show JD. Leo, Evan, and JD then spend the rest of the time tackling your answers to the last MERQ: will Free-to-Play split the community.

Swing by the forums and tell us what you think about Free-to-Play or if you have comments, questions, or suggestions for JD’s Crafting Corner!

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Discussion Topics
– Celebration VI, X-Wing launches, and upcoming SWTOR content
– The latest changes from LucasArts & BioWare Austin
– JD’s Crafting Corner
– Community Discussion: Will Free-to-Play split the community?

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz