Jul 19

MER Episode 79: All Good Things…

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I wasn’t sure which season/series finale title would be most appropriate for this episode, but I think this one works.

As you may have heard or read by now, this episode marks the final Mos Eisley Radio episode to be hosted by the last remaining founder, Zach Brown. Also, the master of the MER guild and forums, Alan, is stepping away from his podcasting chair. They get a chance to not only say farewell, but also to sit down with us and share some great memories. In thanks for all they’ve done: /applause

Stick around, though, and you’ll get a short preview of the future of MER! Evan and Leo of the Ossus Academy podcast will be taking the helm and guiding the listeners through some uncharted territory. Don’t be scared, folks; we’re gonna take good care of your show.

Be sure to send your best to Zach and Alan on twitter or swing by our forums, say hi, and let us know what you’d like to hear about from MER in the future. Thanks, guys!

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Discussion Topics
– The Big Goodbye
– Alan talks the future of MERC Guild
– Zach’s next (secret!) project
– The future! with Leo and Evan

Music on this show has been provided to us by General Fuzz and from selections of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Original Soundtrack. These are just some of the free tracks BioWare made available on Facebook. Big thank you to them and the whole musical team over there!

8 Responses

  1. Russell says:

    The Star Wars mini game by Fantasy Flight will be a game similar to their other product “Wings of War” which is a WWI dogfighting game. It’s a great deal of fun.

    While I’m sad to see Zach and Alan stepping away, I like that MER seems to be expanding to general Star Wars gaming as I’m a fan of tabletop Star Wars too and have been very patiently waiting for FFG’s Star Wars RPG product (I have a TON of the West End Games books and much of the Wizards of the Coast books).

  2. Tassadar says:

    Listened and i hope Zach achieves his goals in school/life/gaming thanks for the years of hard work and hopefully Evan and Leo meet the bar you have set. I know i can speak for Alan on this we here at Shadow Squad will always have a spot open to you if you ever get the urge to play with Twi’leks and lightsabers.

  3. Phakz says:

    LOL Zach is Skip Bayless!

  4. Wicket says:

    Been a good run Zach, always going to have fond memories of waiting for the next podcast to get my fix of SWTOR news, may the force be with you man! Alan, see ya on Vent, Leo and Evan.. great job! I Think things have been placed into capable hands and the new direction of MER is a great way to go. 🙂

  5. Lazy-Bear says:

    Sorry to see you go Zach, but it’s an honorable move. Time constraints would have drug down the quality given time. But don’t worry, you left your baby in good hands.

    As for the new format, why can’t you integrate Ossus Academy into MER? Let’s face it, it’s more SW Universe centric now anyway. You guys covered a lot of stuff in OA as a primer for more brief subject matter. Besides, it’s becoming mostly banter and you have kind of started to repeat yourselves due to topic overlap. I didn’t expect OA to last much longer anyway, you can only talk about the SW Universe for so long before you run out of the big topics. Make OA a segment in MER. If a topic begs more extensive discussion, who says you cant have a supplement podcast for the OA segment? Just a suggestion.

  6. anubis77 says:

    Tnx for all the hard work :)).

    Its sad that you don’t enjoy the game anymore, but i understand. I still Play it and our guild still grows and grows ( SaintsOfTheOldRepublic ). @MERC/ShadowSquad: We now have a Duelling event every saturday evening at 6pm est. (/w Mar’mite on pot5) ShadowSquad can join us if you guys want. We have prizes of up to 750k every event.

    Anyway I have half war-hero half battlemaster gear, i have raided with saints, and i would not say the end game is dissapointing. Pvp-skill is not all gear anyway. Full battlemaster gear ( which is very easy to get, bioware now gives u a full recruit set upon 50. ) u can get in 2 nights of pvp, is more than enough to pvp nicely. ofc war hero is better but anyway.

    Most of the ops’ are now fixed. U should try it instead of saying its not sumthing new. EV is very fresh. Karragas is meh though. not tried ec.

    You can get full columi/ rakata gear in 4 raids. and u can start raiding without it.

    But yeah its not gw2 of secret world.

    Tnx for all the effort and hard work u guys put in and enjoy whatever youre gonna do next.

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