Ossus Academy Session 10

Session 10

Leo and Evan are back from taking a little break after the big two-part essential reading list and timeline, and they are happy to tell you about some of the starships you’ll fly as well as blow up in SWTOR! They have a lot to cover, but, as always, they have some interesting and amusing news bits, more suggested reading, and a lot of great questions from the class this time around.

Music for this episode comes from selections of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Original Soundtrack. These are just some of the free tracks BioWare made available on Facebook. Big thank you to them and the whole musical team over there!

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As promised, here are the links to some of Leo’s news items:

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15 replies on “Ossus Academy Session 10”

Glad you liked it! Talk about informative… When Leo started explaining hyperspace travel i had to just sit back, shut up, and learn!

Some observations on the various aspects of this episode:

1) the cloaked ship in the thrawn trilogy is a transport, a A-class (aka PCL 27) which is about 800 meters long… (the first successful cloaking with this type of device was a CR90 Corvette, but this was destroyed).
The Tie-fighters in the Thrawn trilogy emerge out of the cloaked cargo hold of the transport at the battle of Sluis Van, and during the battle of Coruscant Im pretty sure they fly in and out of the cloaked field (created by the transport or some asteroids) to give telemetry for the attack on coruscant (they also used some claoking devices on asteroids while attacking the sluis van and other places, I think).
These were hibridium cloaking devices, which made a two-way cloaking, i.e. making the cloaked party “blind” to what lies beyond the cloaked field, as opposed to the more expensive and one-way claoking device made by stygium crystals. The latter is what The Scimitar (Darth Mauls ship) was equipped with, which by the way was made by Republic Sienar Systems… it appears that the alleged designer, Raith Sienar, has been retconned into some other crap-ass sith master instead… meh…

2) Parsec is a unit of distance, as we all have come to understand, which initially makes Han Solos statement nonsensical… but fear not, a rationale has been written: the kessel run is close to a rather massive collection of black holes… the explanation has been included in at least in one novel if not more (I think in one of the Han Solo novels – but I might be wrong I have read far too many star wars novels over the years) and it goes like this: the millennium falcon (or Han Solo) managed to complete the kessel run faster (in less than 12 parsec), by shortening the route (i.e. travelling closer to the black holes than one probably should) to below 12 parsecs while traversing the area of malignant black holes… in this way the line makes sense…

another point:

Imperial class stardestroyers are 1,6 km long… executor-class is a lot longer, some sources state 19 km other 12… although one can debate its definition as a stardestroyer vs star dreadnought…

And I just keep learning more! This ep has turned into the tech junkie podcast (not that I’m complaining).

I knew I’d heard some kind of explanation for the parsec thing. Was it maybe Vector Prime, since the Solo kids try it there too?

Could be … although for some reason I think its Rebel Dawn or one of the other Solo books, but I could be mistaken… any book involving the Maw is a potential source…

I feel much more educated about SW ships thanks to your show, and I was very impressed with Leo’s knowledge about hyperspace theory (which I knew little about).

You didn’t mention during the show the Millennium Falcon novel, which surprised me. In that book you get to witness the heroic birth of the Millennium Falcon, and the book makes you wonder if the Millennium Falcon with all of her quirks and unusual speed is in some way semi-sentient.

Another unique spacecraft is “Ship,” the Sith meditation sphere Ben finds on the Sith world Ziost. I always wondered if the Sith meditation sphere Naga Sadow used is the same vessel as Ship.

Not the exact same I would think, but a similar one most definitely… its hard to judge really, considering that the Tale of the Jedi comic books are quite different in style from the current ones.
Although at no point does it seem like the sphere in TotJ has a mind of its own, nor does it defend against the attack from Gav that causes Sadow to loose concentration (I just recently read some of these issues again – I don’t go around remember all this stuff all the time 🙂 ). Unless he takes it with him to Yavin and stuff, I haven’t read that part yet due to exams and tons of work.

Sadows seems bigger, but the two are definitely related.

I must agree with the Masters of Ossus though, fans should read the TotJ comic books, both omni.. omnibi? omnibuses? you know what I mean… in particular the stories about Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi and Vima Sunrider! 🙂 Tott Doneeta is my favourite twi’lek of all times and Shoaneb Culu is the first appearance of a Miraluka ever, I think…

I have a theory that the escape pods that are currently nonfunctional are going to be used in the future and hopefully we get a chance to buy or earn any of the ships that exist in the time period allowed. There’s so many things that exist in the current period from all the stories, books and novels that they should really take advantage of adding it all in this great game. Its possible that this thing TOR could really be epic.

Where can you find the most info about Star Wars Lore in one book or app (android app) instead of having to buy what 100’s of books.

Wookieepedia ( is a great source of pretty much everything Star Wars related. It’s not an app, but I browse the site often on my phone.

If you want actual books without owning every single novel, the Essential Guide series of books pack a LOT of information into each book. There’s also the Star Wars Encyclopedia that was released a few years ago. Another nice book, but woefully out of date was the Guide to the Star Wars Universe. Sadly they haven’t updated the book in several years.