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What happens when Zach and Evan are both invited to join Galactic Public Radio‘s Brian and Andy for Talk of the Galaxy? Pure awesome. The panel tackles all the big news, both good and bad, including server pop, mergers, transfers, and the best way for BioWare to handle the current and future SWTOR population. They also throw out their thoughts for what Game Update 1.3 could realistically do to keep players and bring back those who have fallen to the dark side.

Hop on over to their site to directly download this great episode or search for them on iTunes. Be sure to drop them a line and stay tuned to MER to hear Brian and Andy invade our radio space in the near future!

3 replies on “MER on GPR”

I didn’t know about that TOTG podcast. The only reason I listened to them is because both of you were guests. I think it will probably be also the last time. One of their commentators is so annoying, he keeps whining and criticizing the game without bringing realistic and feasible solutions. It’s like listening to what I often read in the official SWTOR forums. No thank you.

I don’t recall any whining, but they have quite a few other shows on their network, all of which are clever spins on NPR shows. Their favorite is Wait…Wait…The Force Will Tell Me, which, like the NPR show, is a humorous quiz show-esque news program. They also have All Classes Considered, which has numerous different hosts per episode, as they look at the various classes. It’s worth checking out each one, since they’re all so unique. I also think they’re some of the most un-biased people commenting on the game at this time.

At least they’re not nerd-raging like everyone on the forums, right?

Evan’s right – they have a variety of different shows, all spins on the NPR theme. A couple are not my thing, but there are several I like. They are named in a pattern, so it’s easy to pick out those you like and those you don’t. It also means they have a little something for just about everyone. Funny, the shows I don’t like are the same NPR shows I don’t really care for… All Classes Considered is an example of a great show of theirs and I haven’t heard any whining on it so far.